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(ESP) Finaliza el encuentro internacional de radón celebrado esta semana en Ciudad Rodrigo y en el Centro de ENUSA en Saelices

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EDF satisfactorily rates ENUSA manufacturing in 2015

The French electric utility Electricé de France (EDF), a state-run enterprise that ENUSA has supplied nuclear fuel to since the decade of the 1990s, has recently presented its rating of the 2015 manufacturing process, as part of the EDF periodic follow-up of its suppliers. The result of this assessment has been “very satisfactory”, even better than the rating obtained in 2014. The French utility has stressed, among other things, the professionalism and implication of operators, inspectors and technicians in the verifications they perform of the activities on the production line and the implementation of constant improvements in the different areas of production. It has also very positively rated the availability, communication and anticipation of the team that supports the follow-up of refuelings for EDF. EDF has also identified issues related to qualification planning and product certification as opportunities for improvement. Together with Westinghouse, within the European Fuel Group (EFG), ENUSA commercializes nuclear fuel for pressurized water reactors (PWR). In 2015, ENUSA has supplied more than 130 tons of enriched uranium for new plants owned by the French electric utility, making it the country to which it exports the most.  ...

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ENUSA present as of today at the China Nuclear Fair

ENUSA has travelled to Beijing together with other Spanish nuclear firms, in coordination with the Foro de la Industria Nuclear Española [Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum], to take part in Nuclear Industry China (NIC 2016), which is being held from April 6 to 9. Participation in the NIC exhibition is an opportunity to display the company’s innovations from over the last year and to establish contacts with companies in the Chinese nuclear sector and other countries and regions taking part in the exhibition. In addition the presence of ENUSA personnel in China will allow the company to carry out an in-situ follow-up of the current projects and negotiating opportunities with Chinese clients. For this reason, this Fair is ENUSA’s most important promotional event in the Asia-Pacific region. ENUSA invested in China in 2007 by joining the Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation and participating in the China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition held that year in Shanghai. After an early period of contacts and positioning, ENUSA has identified a market niche in the commercialization of nuclear fuel inspection equipment, an area in which Chinese companies have still not achieved the level of technology development found in Europe or the United States, where the world’s leading suppliers of nuclear technology are based. In 2013, ENUSA signed its first equipment supply contract with the local manufacturer CNNC Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel, the leading Chinese fuel manufacturer. This contract was followed by another two signed in 2014 for supplies to the aforesaid fuel factory and the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (SNPI). It is precisely with the latter and jointly with its partner TECNATOM that ENUSA has signed a new agreement in January 2016, which could be a qualitative leap forward for the Spanish company’s prospects in China. SNPI belongs to the China General Nuclear (CGN) group, which is the main nuclear reactor constructor and operator in China with 14 units in operation and 12 more under construction. The agreement with SNPI enables ENUSA-TECNATOM to be the reference suppliers of nuclear fuel inspection equipment for SNPI, placing the two Spanish partners in a privileged position vis-à-vis CGN’s strategic move: develop its own nuclear fuel design and manufacturing capabilities, an area in which its major competitor – CNNC – is currently the leader. China is the country with the most nuclear power plants under construction (24 reactors) and the greatest market potential. At present, it has 31 operating nuclear reactors that produce 2.4% of its electricity. Of the 66 reactors under construction around the world, 43 of them are being built on the Asian continent.    ...

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ENUSA Nuclear Fuel n.8

Available the ENUSA nuclear newsletter number 8

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ENUSA and Tecnatom sign a framework cooperation agreement with the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute of China

On January 28, representatives of ENUSA, Tecnatom and the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (SNPI) formalized the signature of an important framework agreement for cooperation in matters of nuclear fuel inspection equipment and systems. In accordance with this agreement, the three companies agree to work together to introduce the fuel inspection equipment and technologies developed by ENUSA and Tecnatom into the Chinese corporate group to which the SNPI belongs – China General Nuclear (CGN). On the date of signature, the CGN Group already had 16 operating reactors and another 11 under construction, making it the leading nuclear power plant operator in China in terms of installed capacity. The group has already undertaken an ambitious internationalization plan, having reached agreements for the construction of new reactors in the United Kingdom and Romania. ENUSA and Tecnatom began cooperating with SNPI in 2014 with the signature of a SICOM-UT equipment supply agreement. This irradiated nuclear fuel ultrasound inspection system was satisfactorily delivered in 2015 to the SNPI facilities in Daya Bay in the province of Guangdong. On its part, Tecnatom considers SNPI to be an important technology partner, as both companies share the shareholding of CITEC, a nuclear power plant service provision company based in the Chinese city of Suzhou. This agreement will boost the business of the two Spanish companies in the Chinese nuclear market, where in recent months they have supplied equipment for quality control in the nuclear fuel manufacturing phase to the Yibin fuel factory owned by the major corporation...

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Enusa reports a reportable event to the Nuclear Safety Council

The ENUSA fuel assembly factory in Juzbado has issued today a reportable event to the Nuclear Safety Council Emergency Room, due to an error in the criticality system monitoring requirement procedure. In the framework of the definition of nuclear safety management indicators, an error has been detected in the criticality system monitoring requirement procedure, because this procedure does not include the alarms of two areas in the facility. After assessing this error, it is concluded that this involves a deficiency in the operating procedure that, in the event of failure, would not assure that the alarm system would work properly. The status of the alarm elements of the affected areas has been checked, verifying that only one acoustic alarm of the UO2 waste area was not operational. It should be noted that in the last verification carried on January 2, there is proof of its operability. Therefore, the deficiency detected in the Monitoring Requirement procedure has not posed any risk to the facility or to the workers, the public and the environment. More information at...

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