EDF satisfactorily rates ENUSA manufacturing in 2015

The French electric utility Electricé de France (EDF), a state-run enterprise that ENUSA has supplied nuclear fuel to since the decade of the 1990s, has recently presented its rating of the 2015 manufacturing process, as part of the EDF periodic follow-up of its suppliers.

The result of this assessment has been “very satisfactory”, even better than the rating obtained in 2014. The French utility has stressed, among other things, the professionalism and implication of operators, inspectors and technicians in the verifications they perform of the activities on the production line and the implementation of constant improvements in the different areas of production. It has also very positively rated the availability, communication and anticipation of the team that supports the follow-up of refuelings for EDF.

EDF has also identified issues related to qualification planning and product certification as opportunities for improvement.

Together with Westinghouse, within the European Fuel Group (EFG), ENUSA commercializes nuclear fuel for pressurized water reactors (PWR). In 2015, ENUSA has supplied more than 130 tons of enriched uranium for new plants owned by the French electric utility, making it the country to which it exports the most.