The ENUSA GROUP Presents its Annual Report

The ENUSA GROUP Presents its Annual Report
  • In 2015, the earnings of the corporate group amounted to 385 million EUR.
  • The fuel assembly factory in Juzbado exported more than 60% to European nuclear power plants
  • ETSA, the transportation subsidiary, handled more than 40,000 shipments in the nuclear medicine sector
  • EMGRISA, the Group’s environmental firm, continued with its process of internationalization with activities in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Mongolia.


Since 2007, the ENUSA Group has been preparing its annual reports in accordance with the principles and requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most important international reporting standard in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. There Guidelines cover the organization’s economic, social and environmental performance, and the objective is to provide true, transparent and relevant information to our stakeholders and at the same time facilitate comparability. One novelty of the 2015 Annual Report with respect to the annual reports of previous years is that it has been prepared for the first time with GRI Guideline G4, the latest version of this standard, which changes the focus from compliance to sustainability management.


Main Figures and Milestones of the ENUSA Group in 2015

During 2015, the ENUSA Group has pushed ahead with internationalization, diversified its two business areas – fuel and environment – maintained its competitiveness and increased the investment in innovation. The ENUSA Group in 2015 had 726 employees and a turnover of 385 million EUR. Its after-tax earnings have amounted to 11 million EUR.

The Supply area of ENUSA, the Group’s parent company, has signed important enrichment service and uranium concentrate procurement contracts that guarantee the supply.The output in 2015 of the Fuel Manufacturing area has amounted to 328 tons of uranium equivalent (tU), 60% of which has been exported to European power plants.

The Juzbado Factory continues to improve the manufacturing process on an ongoing basis and is making heavy investments in equipment and systems upgrades, which in 2015 amounted to 5.1 million.

The company carries on with its internationalization activities with the supply of fresh and spent fuel inspection equipment on the international market.

ENUSA maintains its commitment to Innovation through R&D projects. In 2015, 6 new research projects were undertaken, with an investment of five million EUR (€5 M) and a dedication equivalent to 25 researchers/year.

The dangerous goods transportation company – ETSA – has made 43,000 shipments in the field of nuclear medicine, equivalent to 100,000 packages and which have earned more than €5 M in sales. In addition, it has participated in the first Physical Security Drill, “Gate to Africa”, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

As for environmental activities, in 2015 Emgrisa moved forward with its process of internationalization by establishing a branch office in Lima and undertaking activities with multilateral organizations in other countries such as Chile, Bolivia and Mongolia.  On the other hand, the Juzbado biogas plant and the municipal solid waste plant in Cervera de Maestre have met their expectations for 2015.

The Saelices el Chico Center carries on with the decommissioning of the former mining installations and the dismantling and closure of the Quercus Plant. In 2015, it has opted for the use of “customized” artificial soils, and thus is developing an application of Technosols which are designed and fabricated with the composition and properties required by each impacted zone, for the purpose of recovering the natural space affected by the mining activities.

The ENUSA Group 2015 annual report of activities and results is available in both Spanish and English at, together with a summary that contains last year’s most relevant information and a video presenting this information in graphic format.