ENUSA’s Commitment to the Environment

Environmental protection is one of the core values of ENUSA. Therefore, we have recently renewed for another year the verification of our Management System as per Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS), a robustly implemented system that accredits our strong commitment from the very beginning to Safety, Quality and the Environment. Since 2003, the System is verified as per European Regulation 761/2001 EMAS, and subsequently it was adapted to the requirements of the new European Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS III.

We are the first industrial facility in Salamanca and the fourth in Castilla-Leon to obtain the EMAS verification, a factor that proves our high level of excellence in environmental management and our strong commitment to environmental protection. This commitment to continuous improvement, which is set down in the Environmental Policy, places the Juzbado fuel assembly factory at high levels of excellence in terms of Environmental Management.

The purpose of the Environmental Declaration, which we draw up every year, is to fulfill the commitment of transparency that EMAS requires of us, and it is the best reflection of the level of achievement of the planned objectives and goals that enable ENUSA to continuously improve its environmental performance, thus favoring in our facility the degree of sustainability demanded by today’s society.

In 2015, AENOR performed the external follow-up audit of the Environmental Management System (SGA) in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, which showed a very high degree of system maturity and of its maintenance and reliability, as well as a deep involvement of all company personnel in its maintenance and the application of good practices associated therewith. The SGA was also audited by EDF with satisfactory results, as no environment-related non-conformances or observations were recorded

The process of implementation, certification and verification carried out by AENOR, as well as the maintenance of the Environmental Management System during recent years, has involved a major effort by the Juzbado factory which is having repercussions on environmental protection.

Among other accomplishments, the implementation and maintenance of the Environmental Management System is achieving the following:

  • Continuous improvement of the Juzbado factory’s environmental performance.
  • Improvement of the image that citizens have of the factory.
  • Improved acceptance of the product by our customers.
  • Improvement of the processes that lead to savings of energy and raw materials. Better understanding and compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the factory.
  • More active participation of the factory workers in the process of continuously improving its environmental performance.
  • More external information available to the public and other stakeholders on all the factory environmental issues.

The main environmental indicators are included every year in the ENUSA Group Annual Report, and in 2015 the results have been much lower than the authorized limits. The Environmental Declaration of the fuel assembly factory is available HERE.

The Juzbado Fuel Assembly Factory