Roberto González Villegas > Director of Business and technology and Development

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences, major in Nuclear Physics, from the University of Cantabria. Diploma in Nuclear Engineering from the J.E.N.-Madrid and MBA from the Madrid IE Business School.

He embarked on his professional career in 1984 in the field of Nuclear Energy in ENUSA, where the posts he has held include the following: Project Director in the Commercial Unit, Head of Planning and Control of the Fuel Factory, Deputy Director of the Juzbado Factory, Director of Fuel Technology and Sales and, since 2013, Director of Business and Technology Development, a job he has combined with the following posts:

Board Member of ETSA; Board Member of AIE SNGC, a commercial alliance for the supply of nuclear products and services to China and emerging countries; Board Member of GENUSA, a Spanish company established with GEH for the European BWR nuclear fuel market; member of the Executive Committee of the European Fuel Group (EFG), an alliance with W for the European market; member of the Executive Committee of the ENUSA/TECNATOM/W joint venture for integral refueling services, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIE ENUSA/ENWESA for the provision of fuel services to the nuclear power plants. Since March 2011, he is a member of the Advisory Committee for public information and participation of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council.