The SEPI Group is a public law entity, whose activities are governed by private law. It is attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations and reports directly to the Minister.

SEPI Group is comprised of a group of public companies which are highly diversified in terms of their corporate purpose: mining, shipbuilding, communication, food distribution, infrastructure management, tobacco, business promotion, agricultural and environmental transformation, leisure, nuclear and various services.

The SEPI Group also has competencies over the Corporación Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), oversees a public foundation and has direct minority shareholdings in other companies, and indirect shareholdings in more than a hundred companies.

The Law establishing SEPI sets out its functions as follows:

  • To directly promote and coordinate the activities of the public companies it owns.
  • To set the strategy and supervise the planning of majority-owned companies as well as monitor and control its implementation. The day-to-day management of these companies is the responsibility of their own management bodies.
  • To manage its stocks and shares and carry out all types of financial transactions, assets and liabilities.
  • To set the general guidelines for the companies of SEPI Group, applying corporate management criteria and executing the Government’s guidelines on corporate modernisation and restructuring, safeguarding the public interest.

Its main objective is to obtain the highest return on its stocks and shares through:

  • The definition and approval of the strategies and the establishment of the relevant actions and annual objectives of all the companies of the SEPI Group.
  • The design of plans for the future, which contemplate the necessary improvements in loss-making companies: operational, financial, organisational, labour, etc.
  • The exercise of efficiency control in relation to its direct and majority-owned investees.