Environmental Engineering and Consulting

Ingeniería y consultoría ambiental

Through our Technical Environmental Office, created in 2003, we provide environmental consulting and technical assistance services to all manner of organizations. These activities primarily focus on the reclamation and integration into the landscape of land affected by industrial and mining activities. In addition, we develop new waste energy applications by operating municipal solid waste and biogas plants.

In the ENUSA Technical Environmental Office, we also perform radiological studies. Our capabilities include:

  • Radiological site characterization.
  • Radon exposure studies pursuant to the provisions of Royal Decree 1439/2010 of 5 November, which modifies the Regulation on health protection against ionizing radiations.
  • Evaluation of the environmental radiological impact of NORM industries
  • Design and execution of environmental radiological monitoring programs.
  • Physical-chemical and radiological testing in water, soil, sediment, biota and air filter samples.
  • External and ambient personal dosimetry services.