Reclamation of Former Mining Installations


In 2001, through our Saelices el Chico Center (Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca), we began to reclaim the forming uranium mining operations in Saelices el Chico (exploited from 1972 to 2000) and to dismantle the uranium concentrate factory as a first category radioactive facility.

The purpose of this reclamation is to recover the affected natural space to try to restore it to its original state, with environmental and radiological conditions as similar as possible to those existing before the mining operations.

At present these environmental reclamation activities focus on the monitoring and control of the dismantled radioactive facilities and the reclaimed mining operations, and on chemical treatment of the contaminated waters (which is necessary and required until the suitable quality for direct discharge to public waterways is achieved).

The Quercus treatment plant (where operations have definitively ceased) is still pending dismantling. The whole process is being carried out under the strict oversight of the respective competent authorities: Spanish Nuclear Safety Council, Territorial Industry, Trade and Tourism Service (Mining Division) and Territorial Environment Service of the Castilla-Leon regional government. To date more than 150 million Euros have been invested, an expense financed jointly with ENRESA.

In ENUSA we are also undertaking the environmental reclamation of the uranium mining operations in La Haba (Badajoz), which were functioning from 1981 to 1990, the year when the production activities ceased and the reclamation works began. Since the decommissioning declaration was obtained in 2004, the reclaimed site is in a long-term monitoring and control phase.