Design and Engineering


In ENUSA, we have access to the latest technological advances through the transfer agreements we have with our partners and licensors Westinghouse and General Electric (GE), which has enabled us to undertake the design, manufacturing and supply of fuel to national and foreign nuclear power plants and also provide all the engineering services related to the management and optimization of fuel use in the reactor. Each action plan that we implement is internally agreed by consensus with the various company organizations that are involved and individually with each customer.

The fuel engineering in ENUSA covers all technical aspects of the lifetime of the nuclear fuel, from conceptual development and introduction of new products for irradiation in commercial PWR and BWR reactors to fuel storage and transport in dry casks as irradiated fuel.

These stages in the lifetime of the fuel can be summarized as: development and introduction of new products and design methodologies, refueling engineering and safety analysis, definition of the product to be manufactured and the manufacturing support, tracking of the in-core fuel performance, operating experience analysis and the resulting feedback to the design and tools, and finally characterization and analysis for classification of the irradiated fuel for dry transport and storage.

To this end, it is necessary to cover all aspects of nuclear design and radiological, mechanical, thermal-mechanical, thermal-hydraulic and material calculations, in which our fuel engineering division has nearly thirty years of experience in the design and licensing of fuel in several European countries.

These activities are possible thanks to the highly qualified ENUSA personnel and the use of computing tools developed by us or our licensors (Westinghouse and GE). We also use advanced tools to perform highly complex mechanical and thermal (Finite Element Method), thermal-hydraulic (Computational Fluid Mechanics) and radiological (criticality, shielding and source term) calculations.

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This know-how and experience in the fuel and its design and performance, as well as an integrated vision of the entire nuclear fuel lifecycle, enables us to provide a series of high value added services, often of a unique nature and usually requiring an intense development effort. This also enables us to develop new nuclear fuel manufacturing and inspection equipment either on a standalone basis or else in collaboration with technology partners.

Finally, as a core part of the business, in ENUSA the engineering is supported by a powerful R&D&I effort in collaboration with Spanish universities through collaboration projects or participation in training activities, and by the promotion of and/or participation in national and international projects related to key technical aspects of the fuel.