On-site Fuel Services


Because of ENUSA’s concern about directly tracking and following up the fuel performance in operation, since the 1980s we have provided On-site Fuel Services. We coordinate the handling, inspection and repair campaigns that take place during the refueling programs, providing fresh fuel reception and irradiated fuel handling services and supervising the process during the refueling outage.

Our activities include: fresh and irradiated fuel handling, detection of fuel leaks by sipping and ultrasound inspections, visual inspection and control, fuel repair, ultrasound cleaning, fuel inspection and characterization, systems for detection and removal of foreign objects from the fuel and other accessible zones, lighting and core loading/unloading control systems, and ultrasound fuel cleaning to eliminate crud deposits from the rod surfaces.

The purpose of the earliest services provided by ENUSA was to check the fuel performance by inspections and measurements of the most representative features. For this purpose, we developed jointly with Tecnatom the SICOM equipment which, with upgrades and innovations, is still used today in the nuclear power plants. The SICOM equipment family continues to grow to include new capabilities and to meet the most current needs related to the fuel performance tracking and irradiated fuel management programs.

Beginning in the 1990s, ENUSA began to provide fuel leak inspection and fuel repair services and, progressively, the entire portfolio of services described hereinabove. In 1995, we founded the ENUSA-ENWESA-AIE subsidiary to work with PWR fuel and in which ENWESA Operaciones and Westinghouse Technology Services (WTS) are partners. We have also developed specific services for BWR fuel with GENUSA. The current equipment that we have developed in collaboration with our technology partners and other Spanish firms incorporates advanced technology solutions.

In recent years, we have campaigns in practically all the Spanish plants, in European plants where we supply fuel and on occasion on other continents, e.g. the campaigns in the Angra power plant (Brazil) and Maanshan power plant (Taiwan). Furthermore, in 2007, ENUSA signed an agreement with Tecnatom to provide services in China, a market to which we have now exported our experience, technology and know-how.

Thanks to all this experience in the provision of fuel services, in ENUSA we are also prepared to carry out all the activities required for adequate management of the irradiated fuel. We are currently working in various plants where there are activities to inspect, condition and classify the fuel assemblies for dry storage. With this commitment, we are also developing the technology and processes needed to support our customers throughout the fuel cycle.

Supply of Irradiated fuel Inspection Equipment >

Based on the experience gained from the provision of in-plant services and the development of our own technology for irradiated fuel inspection, we have opened up a marketing channel. We have a wide range of equipment, the most important being the SICOM equipment family developed jointly with Tecnatom and which includes the following:

  • SICOM-DIM, for the dimensional control of fuel assemblies.
  • SICOM-COR, for measuring the oxide layer thickness in peripheral fuel assembly rods.
  • SICOM-UT, for detection of leaking rods in fuel assemblies.
  • SICOM-ROD, for fuel rod corrosion inspection and profilometry.
  • SICOM-NG-FA, for measuring fuel rod burn-up levels
  • SICOM-G-FR, for measuring burn-up levels and internal pressure in fuel rods.
  • SICOM-LEN, for measuring fuel rod length.
  • SICOM-LIM, for cleaning fuel rod surface deposits.
  • SICOM-SIPPING, in the ON-LINE and IN-CAN versions, for detection of failed fuel assemblies with the sipping technique.

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