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(ESP) ENUSA pone en marcha su Plan de Voluntariado y entrega un cheque al Banco de Alimentos de Salamanca

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Juzbado inaugurates tomorrow, Saturday, the mural of its fronton in Los Berrocales Sports Complex

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 noon, the President of ENUSA, Jose L. Gonzalez, will attend the inauguration in Juzbado of the mural which has been painted on the fronton court of the sports complex and which ENUSA has helped to sponsor, as part of the Sponsorship and Patronage Plan that is managed by the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility division. Neighbors and friends of Juzbado, as well as anyone else who wants to take part, will also be present at the event. Artists Pablo S. Herrero from Salamanca and Joaquin Vila from Madrid have worked for a month on the fronton at the Los Berrocales sports complex of Juzbado to create a mural measuring more than 600 m2. The work, which consolidates Juzbado’s commitment to its “Open Landscape Book”, significantly changes the appearance not only of the fronton, but also of the area’s landscape since it is visible from several kilometers away. The mural these young artists have created is integrated into the landscape, and it is the result of several meetings with the town. Their original proposal was enriched thanks to the contribution of the Juzbado townspeople during the days before the work began. The mural includes the most symbolic elements of the municipality: a large array of the local fauna and flora, as well as landscape elements that, without forsaking the artists’ style, express the popular and also an avant-garde and conceptual tradition. This is the first time that the two artists have joined forces to create a large-format mural, which is titled “Open Book”, and it has involved a month of painting at a height of more than 12 meters to cover a surface area equivalent to a soccer field with more than 400 liters of paint. The walls of this immense structure, which up until now were gray, have now had their appearance mitigated in the surrounding landscape thanks to the colors used and the shapes that both artists have chosen to depict their style in tune with the townspeople’s will. In a few days, the documentary filmed by filmmaker Alvaro Málaga from Salamanca, and which was shot simultaneously with Pablo’s and Joaquin’s work, will be available. This documentary has also been supported by a number of photographers and drone pilots. To see the documentary teaser, click...

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The President of the Autonomous City of Melilla, Juan José Imbroda, visits the Juzbado Factory

This morning, the Juzbado Factory has welcomed a delegation of representatives from the Autonomous City of Melilla, which was headed by its President, Juan Jose Imbroda, and included his Councilor of Environment, Manuel Ángel Quevedo. All of them were given a tour of the ENUSA plant by Jose Luis Gonzalez, President of ENUSA, and Javier Montes, the factory Director, along with other executive members. They also had the opportunity to meet the mayor of Juzbado, Fernando Rubio, who also visited the factory for this purpose. After a presentation of the company’s business, they visited the manufacturing areas to get a first-hand view of the productive process carried out in this plant, with which the President of Melilla said he was “frankly impressed”. According to Juan Jose Imbroda, “what most caught my attention is the number and sophistication of the controls applied to the productive process and the materials, which result in a very high level of safety”. He also stressed that ENUSA is a “competitive company that, in addition to supplying our power plants, is a leading player in Europe and has a level of technological development of which we Spaniards should be proud. This visit took place in the framework of the relations that have existed between the Autonomous City of Melilla and ENUSA since 1993, year in which both entities, through its environmental subsidiary, EMGRISA, formed REMESA, a 50-50 joint venture in charge of operating and managing the municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste (IW) plants of the City of...

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ENUSA’s Commitment to the Environment

Environmental protection is one of the core values of ENUSA. Therefore, we have recently renewed for another year the verification of our Management System as per Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS), a robustly implemented system that accredits our strong commitment from the very beginning to Safety, Quality and the Environment. Since 2003, the System is verified as per European Regulation 761/2001 EMAS, and subsequently it was adapted to the requirements of the new European Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS III. We are the first industrial facility in Salamanca and the fourth in Castilla-Leon to obtain the EMAS verification, a factor that proves our high level of excellence in environmental management and our strong commitment to environmental protection. This commitment to continuous improvement, which is set down in the Environmental Policy, places the Juzbado fuel assembly factory at high levels of excellence in terms of Environmental Management. The purpose of the Environmental Declaration, which we draw up every year, is to fulfill the commitment of transparency that EMAS requires of us, and it is the best reflection of the level of achievement of the planned objectives and goals that enable ENUSA to continuously improve its environmental performance, thus favoring in our facility the degree of sustainability demanded by today’s society. In 2015, AENOR performed the external follow-up audit of the Environmental Management System (SGA) in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, which showed a very high degree of system maturity and of its maintenance and reliability, as well as a deep involvement of all company personnel in its maintenance and the application of good practices associated therewith. The SGA was also audited by EDF with satisfactory results, as no environment-related non-conformances or observations were recorded The process of implementation, certification and verification carried out by AENOR, as well as the maintenance of the Environmental Management System during recent years, has involved a major effort by the Juzbado factory which is having repercussions on environmental protection. Among other accomplishments, the implementation and maintenance of the Environmental Management System is achieving the following: Continuous improvement of the Juzbado factory’s environmental performance. Improvement of the image that citizens have of the factory. Improved acceptance of the product by our customers. Improvement of the processes that lead to savings of energy and raw materials. Better understanding and compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the factory. More active participation of the factory workers in the process of continuously improving its environmental performance. More external information available to the public and other stakeholders on all the factory environmental issues. The main environmental indicators are included every year in the ENUSA Group Annual Report, and in 2015 the results have been much lower than the authorized limits. The Environmental Declaration of the fuel assembly factory is available...

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ENUSA Present in the 42nd Annual Meeting of the SNE

More than 650 professionals attended the meeting from September 28 to 30 in Santander.   The Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), which was founded in 1974 and has nearly one thousand members from the Spanish nuclear sector, held its 42nd Annual Meeting last week in Santander with the attendance of more than 650 professionals. The SNE’s purpose is to disseminate and promote nuclear science, technology, research and the human factors related to nuclear applications. The Congress scientific and technical program, which is the core of the meeting, included more than 400 papers in which the sector professionals presented their work on relevant projects, significant scientific news and the advances achieved in the last year in different fields. The companies present in this event included ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, S.A., which was represented by its professionals who submitted a total of 16 papers distributed between the sessions on Fuel, Nuclear Safety, Radiation and Environmental Protection, and Quality, Organization and Human Factors. In parallel with the Technical and Social Programs, there were more than 30 companies and national and international organizations present at the Trade Exhibition in the Santander Convention and Exhibition Center, which makes this Exhibition a very important business center for the sector industries and at which ENUSA was present with a stand. And for the first time the meeting included an Information Center on nuclear energy and plant operation which welcomed more than 600 school children from Santander. The 2017 meeting will be held in Malaga from October 4 to 6.  ...

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The Juzbado Factory Holds its Annual Emergency Drill

This morning, the Juzbado fuel assembly factory held the annual emergency drill, which took place from 10:40 am to 12:15 pm. On this occasion, there was a simulation of a 5 magnitude earthquake, which exceeds the shutdown value and requires the factory to reach stable, safe conditions. The event commenced when a powder drum fell in the warehouse. This fall affected two people who at the moment were working with the drums and were externally contaminated. In addition, another two workers were injured and a rescue operation was required; they were subsequently cared for by the facility’s Medical Service. As a result of the earthquake, the facility was evacuated and an intervention was planned in the powder warehouse to clean up the spilled material, which would be a post-emergency action. Once this was done, the drill came to an end and was considered to have taken place correctly and with normal results. The drill is part of the Juzbado Interior Emergency Plan requirements. This type of action is periodically performed in nuclear facilities to check that the Emergency Organization functions correctly, that resources are available and that there is proper coordination with the involved organizations. For more information, see the Nuclear Safety Council website where information on this drill is available:...

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