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ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZANDAS, S.A., S.M.E. (ENUSA) We are a public Enterprise 60% owned by the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), an agency of the Ministry of Finance, and the remaining 40% by the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), which in turn belongs to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

We are the parent company of the ENUSA GROUP which also includes the subsidiaries EMGRISA and ETSA.

We divide our activities into two business areas: nuclear and environmental.

The main, traditional activity of the nuclear business is the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, which consists of:

  • Management of the enriched uranium supply to the Spanish nuclear power plants.
  • Design, manufacturing and supply of fuel to national and foreign nuclear power plants.
  • Engineering services in everything related to the management and optimization of fuel use in the reactor.
  • Fuel services in inspection and repair activities and fresh and irradiated fuel handling, acting as support to the nuclear power plants.
  • Transport of nuclear and radioactive materials through our subsidiary ETSA.

As part of the nuclear activities, we also develop technological capabilities for the second stage of the fuel cycle and the sale of fresh and irradiated fuel inspection equipment.

Our environmental business focuses on services for environmental conservation and efficient energy use. Through our subsidiary EMGRISA, we treat and manage all kinds of waste (industrial, municipal solid, agro-animal and agro-industrial), characterize and treat contaminated soils and waters, provide environmental consulting and engineering services and perform radiological studies.

As a complement to these activities, our environmental area supervises the reclamation of former uranium mining facilities in Saelices el Chico and La Haba, the purpose of which is to try to restore the affected natural space to its original state, with environmental and radiological conditions as similar as possible to those existing before the mining operations.

Strategic Agreements

Strategic Agreements - world map

The nuclear reactors of the Spanish power plants to which we supply fuel (all of them except the Trillo nuclear power plant) are built with Westinghouse technology for the so-called pressurized water reactors (PWR) and General Electric technology for the boiling water reactors (BWR). Therefore, from the very beginning, we have signed technology exchange agreements with these two companies for the engineering applications and also for the manufacture of the fuel assemblies.

Thanks to the good relationships between the parties and an excellent international reputation, we have been able to reach collaboration agreements with both Westinghouse and General Electric. These partnerships have resulted in trade agreements or specific agreements to operate in the European market; at present more than half of our production is intended for this market.

In 2007 we formed the Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation (SNGC) alliance with ENSA and Tecnatom; in 2008, with the incorporation of Ringo Válvulas, it became a corporate consortium – AIE SNGC – in which each company holds a 25% interest. The aim of the SNGC is the supply of nuclear products and services to foreign countries, primarily targeting China and South America.

Our Customers


Our costumers - MapIn Spain >

We supply our products and services to the Spanish electric utilities that own our country’s nuclear power plants. We work with the nuclear power plants of Santa María de Garoña, Cofrentes, Almaraz-1 and -2, Ascó-I and -II, Vandellós-II and Trillo.

In order to provide an increasingly integrated support to our customers, we have extended our portfolio of services for these plants by including activities involving fresh and irradiated fuel handling and technical support in refueling outages. In addition, we have established several areas of collaboration with both our customers and the Spanish nuclear safety authorities for irradiated fuel characterization with a view to dry storage in the plants themselves and ATC.

In Europe  >

The broad experience we have gained over the years and our high technical level have enabled us to open up borders and conduct our business throughout the European continent; France, Belgium, Sweden and German are some of the countries where we operate and have a significant workload.

China >

The Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation (SNGC) has been working hard in the last few years and proof of that is the current progress of the collaboration agreements signed in previous years with the leading firms with nuclear assets in China. These agreements position the SNGC as a real alternative for the supply of products and services for both operating power plants and the new reactors under construction. We also move the Asian country individually selling inspection teams developed with in-house technology. Result of the work done these years ENUSA has achieved several contracts for supply of equipment for inspection of fuel, both fresh and irradiated, developed with its own technology.


We undertake activities involving the reclamation and integration into the landscape of land affected by mining and industrial activities, the development of new technologies for waste reduction and subsequent energy use and the characterization of contaminated soils at different points in Spain. We have clients in Andalusia, Castilla-León, Catalonia, Basque Country, Murcia, Navarra and Castellón.