Crime Prevention Model

The first principle established in the ENUSA Group’s Code of Conduct is compliance with the law. As a result of this commitment, the Organisation, Management and Control Model for Crime Prevention was approved on 29 June 2015 by the ENUSA Board of Directors.
The Crime Prevention Model identifies the criminal risks that could arise from the company’s activity and the controls that enable the prevention or, where appropriate, detection of unlawful conduct.

Anti-Corruption Protocol.

As established in the Code of Conduct, the aforementioned Model and Protocols must be complied with by all ENUSA directors, managers and employees. Failure to comply with the rules and controls set out therein may therefore constitute a disciplinary offence and may result in the imposition of a disciplinary sanction.
ENUSA is firmly and resolutely committed to the fight against all forms of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Protocol establishes the rules, guidelines and controls necessary for the prevention of situations and conduct that could lead to the commission of public and private corruption offences, both in Spain and in the other countries in which ENUSA operates.