Governing Bodies

Board of Directors

Updated information: January 2023

It is governing body’s highest organisation. The one that approves the strategy and oversees the organisation in all matters.
It is composed of twelve members: the Chairman (the only executive member, who also chairs the Management Board) and eleven external directors.

Chairman: ,Mariano Moreno Pavón, ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS,S.A., S.M.E.

Vice-president: Yolanda Benito, General Director of the CIEMAT. Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Consultant: Luis M. Aguado Díaz, Assistant General Manager of Special Sectors, Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA). Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Consultant: Elena Pastor, Director of the Investee Monitoring and Control Area at SEPI.

Consultant: Juan Miguel Báscones Ramos, Head of the State Accounting Office (O.N.C.). General State Comptroller (IGAE) Ministry of Finance.

Consultant: María Francisca Gómez-Jover Torregrosa, Assistant General Manager of Organisation, Studies and Complimentary Social Security Ministry of Economical Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Consultant: Luis Gonzaga Serrano de Toledo, Deputy Director-General of Contentious Services. General State Attorney’s Office. Ministry of Justice.

Consultant: Margarita Ruiz Saiz-Aja. Deputy Director General of Circular Economy. Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Consultant: Luis Javier Rueda Vázquez. Director of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Public Function. Secreatariat of Finance and Public Function. Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.

Consultant: José Manuel Redondo García, Deputy Director-General of Nuclear Energy, Directorate General for Energy Policy and Mines for Ecological Transition.

Consultant: : Mª Dolores Rodríguez Maroto, Advisory Member of Office of the Secretary of State for Business Support Ministry of Economical Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Consultant: : Nuria Esther Expósito Benéitez, Director of the Office of the Secretary General for Research. Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Secretary non-member: Carlos Moro Valero, Director of Legal Counsel of ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS, S.A., S.M.E.

Information updated in January 2023.

Management Board

Updated information: March 2023

Proposes the organisation’s strategy on all matters to the highest governing body. It is made up of eight members (the Chairman plus seven of the entity’s executives), all of whom are executives and none of whom are independent.

Mariano Moreno Pavón

Roberto González Villegas

Carlos Moro Valero

Vicente López

Rosario Arévalo

Mónica de Linos Escofet

Pablo Vega Bazal

Consuelo Molina García

Carmen Paredes Haya

Miguel Ángel Montes Navarro

Audit Committee

Updated information: february 2023.

This body is responsible for supervising certain aspects of the organisation’s economic performance and recommends to the Board of Directors the approval or non-approval of the Annual Accounts, of which the annual report forms an integral part, a document that sets out the economic, social and environmental performance of ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS, S.A., S.M.E. and its investee companies.

The Audit Committee is made up of three members of the Board of Directors, a Chairman and two members, none of whom are executives. In accordance with the provisions of articles 30 and 31 of the Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors of ENUSA, it is unanimously agreed to appoint the following as members of the Audit Committee:

Chairman: María Francisca Gómez-Jover Torregrosa.

Member: Juan Miguel Báscones Ramos.

Member: Margarita Ruiz Saíz-Aja.

Secretary non-member: Carlos Moro Valero.

This appointment is made, in accordance with the aforementioned articles, for a period of two years.

Hiring Committee

Updated information: november 2021

The contracting body will be the Contracting Committee, which will be part of the Management Board of ENUSA, Industrias Avanzadas.

It is composed of the following members:

Chairman: Mariano Moreno Pavón

Member: Miguel Ángel Montes Navarro

Member and Secretary: Carlos Moro Valero

Members: Directors of the Promoting Organisations of the Contract Proposals