Decommissioning and radioactive waste management

The company currently focuses its nuclear business on the first part of the fuel cycle, which it markets both domestically and internationally.

Committed to the environment and sustainable development, at ENUSA we work in the area of nuclear facility decommissioning and radioactive waste management to find solutions that will allow us to automate the radiological characterisation of walls, land and waste, with the consequent reduction of doses for workers, optimisation of execution times and reduction of waste volume generated during the decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants.
Additionally, from an operational point of view, we are aware of the importance of minimising the volume of waste to be stored at the El Cabril facilities. In this regard, we are making a great effort in the technological development of projects, installations and solutions for the decontamination of waste and surfaces, the reduction of the volume occupied by the waste generated and the declassification of materials for their revalorisation or storage as conventional waste.

The technological component and innovation, linked to personnel qualification and process automation, are a fundamental part of the work we carry out, which is why ENUSA has decided to build a Technology and Equipment Maintenance Centre as an operations centre for the development of these activities.

Development of equipment, automation of activities and employee skills.

Radiological characterisation of soils.

Radiological characterisation and declassification of walls.