• Strengthens the international diversification of the business and its digital transformation process

The Enusa Group (comprising the parent company Enusa and the subsidiaries Etsa and Emgrisa) presents its 2022 Annual Report, a year that closed with a turnover of 304 million euros and after-tax results of 5 million.

The turnover of Enusa, dedicated to the nuclear business, has reached 272.4 million euros and an after-tax result of 3.5 million. The environmental subsidiary Emgrisa has improved its turnover by 52% with respect to the previous year, with all its business lines posting positive results, and Etsa, the core of the Group’s logistics activity, has achieved the highest sales figure since the beginning of its operations, with more than 21 million euros.


During the past year, the Enusa Group has initiated an employment stabilization process that has reduced the temporary nature of the workforce by 9%. At the end of 2022, the Group had 83% permanent staff compared to 74% in 2021.

Enusa has completed the “Enusa digital company” project defined in the 21-30 Strategic Plan. The Digital Transformation of the company has continued with the aim of reorienting its processes towards an efficient model through the use of new digital technologies.

The year 2022 has been marked by the 50th anniversary of the parent company, a milestone in its history that has brought together various events shared with the different stakeholders who have been part of the company’s history in one way or another.

Nuclear business

The year 2022 has been conditioned by geopolitical and economic issues, including the war in Ukraine, which have had a major impact on Enusa’s activities. In order to offer a European alternative to the design, manufacture and supply of Russian VVER-440 technology fuel, Enusa has signed a cooperation agreement with Westinghouse for the supply of this type of fuel to European power plants with these reactors in Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine.

In 2022, the Juzbado mill produced 282 tons of uranium equivalent, of which 67% was destined for export.

Environmental business

The Enusa Group continues to be committed to the environmental aspect of its business, carrying out innovative projects such as MINETRA, a land reclamation project at its former mining facilities at the Saelices el Chico Center, through the application of technosols.

Emgrisa managed 20,000 MT of waste, 10% more than in 2021, and carried out 110 projects in soil management, waste, circular economy, water consultancy and development and innovation.

The Urban Solid Waste (USW) plant in Cervera del Maestre (Castellón) has managed close to 73,000 tons of waste and has renewed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, both at the plant and at the landfill.

Logistics business

The Group’s logistics activity continues its positive growth path through Etsa, which has achieved its best results since 1996. It has carried out 57,500 shipments related to nuclear medicine, almost 430 shipments related to the nuclear industry and nearly 4,400 transports of chemical products in tankers.

Where to consult the Annual Report

The full version is available on the company’s website www.enusa.es. It can be consulted in the Press Room section.

A video has also been edited and can be seen on the company’s YouTube channel.

Both documents have been prepared in Spanish and English.

The Enusa Group’s 2022 Annual Report includes the most important milestones and the main initiatives carried out during the past year. For yet another year, it complies with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Law 11/2018 of December 28, on non-financial information and diversity, which reinforces the requirements for information on the evolution, results and situation of the Enusa Group in social, environmental and good governance matters. The financial information has been audited by Mazars and the sustainability information has been verified by AENOR.