• The state-owned company has signed with ENDESA, Iberdrola and Naturgy the extension of the contract which guarantees the supply of fuel for the 5 reactors of these three Spanish nuclear power plants

ENUSA has just sigend the agreement by which the state-owned company will be the supplier of nuclear fuel, engineering services and on site services for the five reactors of the nuclear power stations of Almaraz, Ascó and Vandellós II. The extension involves the delivery of twelve additional nuclear fuel reloads, which will be divided into three for the Almaraz nuclear power plant, four for the Ascó plant and five for the Vandellós 2 plant. This new agreement means that ENUSA will cover the needs of these nuclear power plants and it will provide the operators with the necessary flexibility for efficiently managing the transition scenario envisaged in the draft of the proposed Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan designed by the Spanish Government.

In October 2018 ENUSA signed with the three utilities the largest fuel supply and services contract in its history. This new extension confirms the commitment acquired with Endesa, Iberdrola and Naturgy, whereby ENUSA undertakes to supply the nuclear fuel for all the refuelings mentioned above, along with the core design and the licensing of the corresponding operating cycles for those refueling batches, as well as other engineering services associated with the fuel, including the tools for operation monitoring.

The extension of the contract also contemplates the management of the irradiated fuel during the refueling outages of the plants, as well as its transfer and subsequent management.

For carrying out this contract, ENUSA has a license agreement with Westinghouse, in force since 1974, for supplying fuel to these five reactors. This alliance with the world’s leading PWR fuel technologist guarantees the access to the latest advances in nuclear fuel, and added to ENUSA’s quality standards, ensures that the Spanish reactors will always have the most advanced fuel, guaranteeing their operation in a safe, reliable and efficient way.