Environmental Engineering and Consultancy

For years, ENUSA has been leading innovative environmental projects structured in several areas of work.

Employing our Technical Environmental Office, created in 2003, we develop environmental consultancy and technical assistance activities for all kinds of organisations. These activities focus mainly on landscape restoration and integration of land affected by industrial and mining activities. We also develop new energy applications for waste through the operation of biogas and municipal solid waste plants.

At ENUSA's Technical Environmental Office we also carry out radiological studies.

Our capabilities are:

  • Radiological characterisation of sites.
  • Radon exposure survey in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1439/2010, of 5 November, amending the Regulation on health protection against ionising radiation.
  • Radiological environmental impact assessment of NORM industries
  • Design and implementation of environmental radiological monitoring programmes.
  • Performance of radiological and physicochemical tests on water, soil, sediment, biota and air filter samples.
  • Complete radiation dose assessment, both individual (external) and environmental.