Municipal solid waste management

For years, ENUSA has been leading innovative environmental projects structured in several areas of work.

The process consists of two phases: In the first phase, the municipal solid waste is subjected to a bio-drying process that allows the organic matter it contains to degrade and reduce its weight so that the resulting materials can be treated, used or handled in more efficient and salubrious conditions; in the second phase, the part obtained after the biological process, which is smaller in volume, is subjected to sorting, thus recovering any recyclable materials it may contain.

In 2010, we began the operation of a waste treatment plant in Cervera de Maestre (Castellón) that covers 49 municipalities in zone I of Castellón, which we operate in collaboration with FOBESA Valorización de Residuos, S.L. and A2A Ambiente, S.P.A. This is the most advanced biotechnological plant in Spain, which allows us to obtain waste with a high calorific value.