Mision, vision and values

ENUSA considers that the best guarantee of its commitment to the creation of value for all persons and the different collectives with which it is related is through professional performance in accordance with its mission, vision and values.


continuously provide to society, on a long-term basis, first-rate, competitive and safe products that support human and professional development, environmental protection and adequate profitability.


this is based on business lines in technology and service areas developed on the basis of its structural capabilities in the treatment and management of nuclear and radioactive materials and that combine mature markets with other emerging markets with a significant growth potential.


priority attention to safety, quality and the environment. Attention to, trust in, understanding of and respect for people. Training. A teamwork spirit. Leadership, innovation, professionalism and honesty. Perseverance in work and a desire to excel. Transparency and constructive self-criticism. Participation, commitment and communication.