In-plant Services

The company currently focuses its nuclear business on the first part of the fuel cycle, which it markets both domestically and internationally.

At ENUSA we closely and directly monitor fuel behaviour under normal operating conditions.

Supply of irradiated fuel inspection equipment

Based on the experience gained from the provision of services at plants and the development of our own technology in the inspection of irradiated fuel, we have opened up a marketing channel. We have a wide range of equipment, the most important being the SICOM equipment family, developed jointly with Tecnatom and comprising the following equipment:

  • SICOM-DIM, for the dimensional control of fuel assemblies.
  • SICOM-COR, for measuring the oxide layer thickness in peripheral fuel assembly rods.
  • SICOM-UT, for detection of leaking rods in fuel assemblies.
  • SICOM-ROD, for fuel rod corrosion inspection and profilometry.
  • SICOM-NG-FA, for measuring fuel assembly burn-up levels.
  • SICOM-G-FR, for measuring burn-up levels and internal pressure in fuel rods.
  • SICOM-LEN, for measuring fuel rod length..
  • SICOM-LIM, for cleaning fuel rod surface deposits.
  • • SICOM-SIPPING, both ON-LINE and IN-CAN versions, for the detection of leaking fuel assemblies by sipping technique.