The company currently focuses its nuclear business on the first part of the fuel cycle, which it markets both domestically and internationally.

ENUSA supplies enriched uranium to the electricity companies that own the Spanish nuclear power plants. It manages the purchase of uranium, conversion and enrichment services and the logistics of movements of uranium, from its source to the delivery of enriched uranium to the fuel manufacturing plants.
The company is involved in the mechanical, thermo-mechanical, nuclear and thermal-hydraulic design of nuclear fuel. With nearly thirty years of experience in fuel design and licensing in several European countries, the company can, upon request of our customers, perform the core design and refuelling safety analyses.
The manufacture and supply of fuel assemblies for pressurised water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) nuclear power plants is carried out from its facility in Juzbado (Salamanca), commissioned in 1985. The average annual production of the facility in Juzbado (Salamanca), commissioned in 1985. The facility's average annual output is around 300 tonnes of uranium, 60% of which is exported.

Another important part of its nuclear business is engineering services in all aspects of reactor fuel management and optimisation, as well as fuel services concerning inspection, repair, fresh handling and irradiation activities, acting as a support to nuclear power plants.
ENUSA’s company for transporting nuclear material and radioactive goods, ETSA, is a global and multimodal (land, sea and air) transport operator of dangerous goods.
Its nuclear business is completed thanks to its own R&D&I programmes, collaborating with its licensors by allocating 5% of its fuel sales to R&D, and to the supply of fresh and irradiated fuel manufacturing and inspection equipment to international companies.