Our core values

Áreas de negocio


Safety, respect for the Environment , Quality and R&D&i are ENUSA’s strongest values. And in just one more step on the path towards excellence in management, we have integrated corporate social responsibility into our decisions and activities.


In ENUSA our premise is that “Safety is first”. We are aware of what is involved in running a nuclear company and, therefore, safety is an integral part of all our activities, from the perspective of both nuclear and occupational safety. [Read more]


In ENUSA we are committed to quality as a strategic factor and key value in all our activities and we play a proactive role in the implementation and development of management and continuous improvement systems. [Read more]

R&D&i >

In ENUSA we integrate the most innovative technology into our equipment and processes in order to improve both the end product we offer to our customers and the quality and environmental safety levels. [Read more]