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In ENUSA we are committed to quality as a strategic factor and key value in all our activities and we play a proactive role in the implementation and development of management and continuous improvement systems.

In our quality system, we have implemented the criteria of standards UNE 73401, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025, 10CFR50 Ap.B, ASME NQA 1 and KTA 1401, as well as the specific guidelines applicable to the nuclear sector.

Continuous Improvement:

The need to produce very high quality products has obliged us to work with the most modern techniques since the very beginning of our activity. We support a continuous improvement process, based on self-assessment and the learning gained from both our own and others’ experience.

In ENUSA we select and use the best tools so that the improvement projects not only achieve the desired results, but also are efficiently accomplished. These tools include the following: reengineering, Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, statistical techniques, teamwork, creativity techniques, numeric simulation, operational research, Six Sigma, etc.

Since 1997, ENUSA has incorporated the Six Sigma methodology into its processes in order to improve the quality of the end products and reduce costs. All administrative and productive processes are analyzed with this tool, such that they are permanently subject to improvement programs.

Today, part of our efforts focus on optimizing the use of fuel. The margins that the power plants operate with have decreased due to the growing need to lengthen the useful lifetime of the fuel. ENUSA has helped the Spanish nuclear power plants to be more competitive by making the fuel cost per KWh produced one of the lowest in the world.


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