At ENUSA, we understand digital transformation as a business strategy that must begin with a strategic vision of the company, i.e. digitalisation should not be an end but a means to achieve our business objectives.

We want to transform the way we carry out our processes so that, by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new digital technologies, we can bring more value to our customers and shareholders.

digitalisation as a business strategy”

In 2017, Enusa began to identify the challenges that the company had to address in order to generate sustainable advantages that would guarantee its continuity. These challenges are as follow:

1.- Generate value for customers.
2.- Streamline our value chain.
3.- Make our organisation and culture more flexible.

These challenges are deployed at four levels of progressive action, giving rise to the so-called Master Plan. From this general framework stem the corresponding annual plans, with their associated individual projects.

The main lines of the 2021 Digital Transformation Plan approved by the ENUSA Management Board, which are aligned with the Spain Digital 2025 agenda, are as follows:

  • Continue to improve aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Optimise remote working systems (communications, connectivity, etc.).
  • Configuration of the digital ecosystem of single applications.
  • Development of digital skills, both basic (Microsoft, Power Bi, Power Apps, etc.) and advanced (AI and data economy).
  • Implementation of Digital Transformation projects, originating in the organisations themselves or in proposals from individuals.

Our pillars

Safety, respect for the environment, quality and R&D&I are our most valuable core beliefs. And in a further step towards management excellence, we have integrated corporate social responsibility into all our decisions and actions.