At ENUSA, our motto is “safety comes first”. We are aware of what it means to manage a company dedicated to nuclear activity; for this reason, we have integrated safety into all our activities, both from the point of view of nuclear safety as well as occupational safety.

Nuclear safety

Our objectives are focused on preventing accidents with radiological consequences and mitigating them should they occur. Our employees carry out their work in compliance with and improving upon the legal requirements imposed and in a responsible manner.

Safety is always first

Radiation protection

Our company has always been committed to the protection of people and the environment. The basic objective of radiation protection is to ensure respect for the environment and the safety of people who may be exposed to ionising radiation (in this case, due to the activities of our fuel assembly plant) by considering both the present impact and its long-term effects.

The plant has Radiation Protection and Safety Services in charge of managing safety, both nuclear and conventional, and the radiological protection of people, equipment, components and systems of the facility, as well as the environment. The plant complies at all times with the recommendations of the regulatory bodies.

The company has consistently achieved excellent statistical results in this area. The radiological doses absorbed by workers are less than 10% of the levels established by the legislation in force, and to date no case of occupational illness of radioactive origin has been recorded.

Safety culture and human factors

All ENUSA workers must act in accordance with a solid and adequate Safety Culture, understood as:

Our way of thinking and doing is based on our experience of ensuring the safety of our installation, which evolves over time.

The fundamental objective of the Organisation and Human Factors Programme is to identify, control and correct organisational and human factors before they can have a negative impact on safety.

Through different projects and activities, work is carried out on the objectives of each of the areas into which the programme is divided (which are detailed below), a fundamental pillar of this programme being Safety Culture management :

  • The organisation’s efficiency.
  • Safety culture..
  • Human behaviour.
  • Self-assessment and knowledge management.
  • Plant configuration control.
  • Work management.

Our pillars

Safety, respect for the environment, quality and R&D&I are our most valuable core beliefs. And in a further step towards management excellence, we have integrated corporate social responsibility into all our decisions and actions.