Responsive management

In ENUSA sustainability is the mainstay of the corporate strategy. We work for being a sustainable company over time, seeking a balance between stakeholder satisfaction and innovation to improve the results.

The following principles describe our commitment and the way we behave with our workers, based on two closely related elements embodied in the policies and goals of our company: Social Responsibility and Corporate Ethics.

Social Responsability

>Principles of Social Responsibility >Principles of Corporate Ethics
1. Commitment to Good Governance, integrity and dialogue. 1. Compliance with legality.
2. Commitment to sustainability, profitability and excellence. 2. Integrity and objectivity in business conduct.
3. Commitment to our people. 3. Respect for people.
4. Commitment to our customers: satisfaction and collaboration. 4. Protection of health and physical integrity.
5. Commitment to our vendors and subcontractors. 5. Protection of the environment.
6. Commitment to society and local sustainable development. 6. Efficient management.
7. Commitment to the environment: eco-efficiency and reduced impact. 7. Proper behavior on international markets.
8. Commitment to safety and excellence. 8. Data use and protection.
9. Commitment to technological research and development. 9. Quality and safety.

Likewise, we are also committed to respecting and observing the principles of Social Responsibility laid down in the following instruments: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and all national, community and international legislation applicable to any of the business areas of ENUSA and its associate companies.