In ENUSA we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and for this reason we strictly control the impact that our industrial activities have on it.

In order to identify and prevent the possible environmental effects of the activity at the Juzbado factory and minimize our impact on the environment, we have developed an environmental management system adhering to the provisions laid down by the current environmental legislation. Thus our quality and environmental management system is based on the manuals, procedures and operating standards approved by the competent regulatory authorities, and it is constantly updated with the most appropriate practices and most effective technologies for the works being carried out at all times.

Our factory has its corresponding Radiological Protection Service that is responsible for controlling the radiological impact of our facility through the Environmental Monitoring Program (PVA), which comprises the Environmental Radiation Monitoring Program (PVRA) and the Environmental Chemical Monitoring Program (PVQA).

In ENUSA we have six specialized laboratories that adhere to strict criteria of quality, independence, experience, professionalism, safety and environmental respect, endorsed by the technical certification of ENAC as per standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the quality management system certification of AENOR as per standard UNE–EN ISO 9.001. These laboratories analyze samples of the facility’s manufacturing process and monitoring programs, as well as the personnel dosimetry, and determine the quality of water for human consumption and the discharge parameters.

The Environmental Management System is implemented and certified by AENOR (No. CGM-99/031) since April 1999, in accordance with the requirements of Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001. Furthermore, in July 2003, we adhered to the EMAS European Regulation. We are the first industrial facility in Salamanca and the fourth in Castilla-Leon to obtain this assurance, a factor that evidences our high standards of excellence in environmental management and our strong commitment to environmental protection.

In 2005, we adapted our Environmental Management System to the new Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, a process endorsed by system certification (No. GA-1999/0031) in accordance with the requirements of the new rule in the external audit conducted by AENOR, and since 2010 the System has been adapted to the requirements of the new European Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS III. This is in compliance with the continuous improvement commitment contained in our Environmental Policy.

Our Environmental Management System includes the following elements:

  • Environmental Policy. Public document which reflects the commitment of the ENUSA Management to the environment.
  • Organizational structure. The ENUSA Quality Systems Management is responsible for maintenance of the Environmental Management System.
  • Record of legal requirements and other applicable requirements.
  • Identification and evaluation of direct and indirect environmental impacts caused by the factory’s activities.
  • Establishment of annual environmental targets and goals.
  • Environmental Management Program. Assignment of responsibilities and allotment of resources, with planning of the time and activities required to execute it.
  • Worker training plan. It is defined every year for all company personnel and covers three levels: raising awareness, improving qualification, and specific training for the job to be performed.
  • Operational control. Monitoring of the environmental aspects of the factory, divided into two blocks: radiological control and non-radiological control.
  • Communication. Primarily through the Environmental Declaration (validated as per the requirements of the EMAS regulation), and made available to the public on the ENUSA Website (
  • Periodic evaluation of compliance with legal requirements.
  • Annual audits of the Environmental Management System which is subject to two types of audits: internal and external (both by the certification/assurance entity and by customers).
  • Annual review of the System by the Management. Formal assessment of the status and compliance of the Environmental Management System in relation to the declared Environmental Policy.

The ENUSA environmental policy and our environmental performance can both be consulted in  the Environmental Declaration of the Juzbado fuel assembly Factory.