The people in our company are our main asset.

We are committed to responsible corporate management based on care and respect for and implication with our workers, so that they know they are part of ENUSA and identify with the organization’s project. We likewise extend this management philosophy to all those collectives which we deal with on a daily basis.

Commitment to People >

To fulfill the commitment we have with our workers, in ENUSA we offer important social benefits such as: flexible working hours, reduction of the working day to support the reconciliation of family life and work, extra-wage bonuses for meals and transportation, etc.

Vocational Training and Professional Development >

Another one of our company’s concerns is the professional and personal development of our employees, and for this purpose we have a General Training and Development Plan that includes compulsory, reactive and proactive training.

Occupational Health and Safety >

In view of the characteristics of our business, caring for and protecting the health and safety of all workers has been a top priority for ENUSA since the very beginnings of our activity. After the Industrial Risk Prevention Act (LPRL) was enacted, a Joint Industrial Risk Prevention Service was created. This service provides coverage to all ENUSA centers in the four legally recognized preventive specialties: industrial safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and applied psychology and occupational medicine.

We would like to note that, according to the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE), our company has very low industrial accident rates compared to the general national rates and those of the companies belonging to the same industrial sector.