In ENUSA we contribute to the development of the communities where we operate with activities that have direct repercussions on their economic, social and cultural development.

In order to provide the greatest added value to the region’s economy, ENUSA gives priority in its purchases and service contracts to companies based in Salamanca so as to benefit the local economic fabric. The indicator that most clearly reflects ENUSA’s influence on the economy of the province has to do with exports. In recent years, half of the exports from Salamanca originated in the commercial transactions of the ENUSA factory, primarily to France, Belgium and the Nordic countries.

Sponsorship and Patronage >

In ENUSA we believe that the corporate activity is based on business where the top priority is survival over time, but that a social commitment to the surrounding communities is also necessary. To this end, we collaborate with several cultural projects and foundations and with various social organizations. These activities help to make the company known, improve our image and also boost our social impact. The company’s contributions include the following:

  • Friends of the Reina Sofia Museum Association.
  • Siglo XXI Club.
  • Energy Without Borders.
  • Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation.
  • Castilla-León Historical Heritage Foundation.
  • Board of Trustees of the University of Salamanca.
  • General Foundation of the University of Salamanca.

Other Company Collaborations >

Enusa Sponsorship and Patronage activities that focus on environmental conservation and awareness, and both are the result of Collaboration Agreements signed between the company and the Juzbado City Council during 2010.

Center for Geological Interpretation

This project, called “Center for Geological Interpretation of the Juzbado- Penalva Do Castello fault and its granite cliffs”, is part of the Juzbado, Open Landscape Book initiative, whereby both parties aim to enhance the value of the cultural, social and environmental heritage of the river region and the geological value of the Juzbado-Penalva do Castello fault.
Project to Recover the Bank of the Tormes River where it passes through Juzbado

“River Recovery” project has purpose environmentally improve the riverside and enhance the ecological and educational values of this ecosystem as a public space. The area in question belongs to the Site of Community Importance-Banks of the Tormes River and tributaries and is of great ecological interest. The works being executed since last May will end late this year and are part of a project called Forest Art, an open air exhibition space in a riverside forest of high ecological and educational value.