Equality and diversity

At ENUSA, we are committed to responsible management that considers the impacts on people and the environment. At present, we work to build a more sustainable, just and equal future.


Although the existence of formal equality within a company does not guarantee real equality between women and men, nor does it guarantee adequate management of diversity in all its dimensions (people with different abilities, sexual orientation, culture and nationality, ideology, religion, family and social situation, etc.), ENUSA establishes in the Equality Plan a set of measures with which it wishes to ensure all of this within the social framework that it represents as a company.

"firm commitment to equality"

This Equality Plan complies with Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality of women and men and responds to Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of 1 March, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation.

In addition to incorporating the new features introduced by the law, this Plan brings together other measures that were established some time ago in ENUSA, such as the Code of Conduct, membership of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact and the 2011 Equality Plan itself, which gave rise to the current one.

Furthermore, in order to give equality the relevance it requires within the company, ENUSA's management promoted, in 2018, the creation of an area with specific competencies in this matter, thus taking another step forward in its efforts to eradicate discrimination and consolidate a corporate culture committed to gender equality and diversity.

With the latest review of the Plan, ENUSA includes new policies and measures in the areas of training, professional classification and other elements of human resources management aimed at avoiding discriminatory situations. New sections have been added which reflect matters such as co-responsibility in personal, family and working life and include objectives such as informing and raising staff awareness of gender and diversity issues or updating indicators in order to obtain statistics of greater analytical quality.

In addition to ENUSA's own work on equality and diversity through the Equality Area and the Equality Committee, the company has also joined the Target Gender Equality (TGE) initiative, an accelerator programme on gender equality developed by the United Nations Global Compact, the aim of which is to help organisations to set and achieve ambitious business goals in terms of women's representation and leadership. ENUSA's involvement in this project represents a further step in the implementation of policies aimed at equality between women and men and continues the work undertaken by the CSR area within the framework of the SDGs, including SDG 5 - Gender Equality as one of the priority objectives of our agenda.

Our pillars

Safety, respect for the environment, quality and R&D&I are our most valuable core beliefs. And in a further step towards management excellence, we have integrated corporate social responsibility into all our decisions and actions.