Social responsability


At ENUSA, we are committed to responsible management that considers the impacts on people and the environment. At present, we work to build a more sustainable, just and equal future.

At ENUSA we contribute to the social development of the communities in which we operate by carrying out activities that have a direct impact on their economic, social and cultural progress.

From the very beginning, being aware of the demands of our groups of interest, we have developed activities focused on generating a positive influence within the communities in which we are present. A business philosophy that has led us to strive to achieve maximum integration between our work, both inside and outside the organisation, and our concern for the needs of the society in which our centres are located.

Thus, beyond limiting ourselves to providing certain products and services to our customers, at ENUSA we have always implemented management actions and policies in which values such as environmental protection, the promotion of education and research, the promotion of training, culture and the contribution to social causes play a fundamental role.

Sponsorship and Patronage

At ENUSA, we are clear that the continuity of our business and our work depends on the efficiency of our technical and operational processes and, fundamentally, on the opinion that others have of us.

We believe that business sustainability is based on a business whose priority is to ensure its long-term survival, but the company's social commitment to its environment is also important.

To this end, since 2013, we have had a Sponsorship and Patronage Plan through which we collaborate with several foundations, cultural projects and social organisations.


Cultural collaborations:

  • Friends of the Reina Sofía Museum Foundation
  • Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation.
  • Ciudad Rodrigo 2006 Foundation.

Academic collaborations:

  • ASTI Foundation - STEM Talent Girl.
  • University of Salamanca

Collaborations with professional organisations:

  • Spanish Nuclear Society.
  • Spanish Radiological Protection Society.
  • Nuclear Industry Forum.
  • World Nuclear Association.
  • European Nuclear Society.

Collaborations with other non-profit organisations:

  • Energía Sin Fronteras (Energy Without Borders).
  • Fundación Empresa & Clima (Business & Climate Foundation).
  • Asociación Contra la Leucemia y enfermedades de la sangre (ASCOL) (Association Against Leukaemia and Blood Diseases).

We also collaborate with the local councils in our area of influence to develop initiatives that promote their development and contribute to improving the quality of life of the people who live there.


Our Corporate Volunteering Programme was created in 2015 in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has the support and commitment of the executive committee when it comes to promoting it and committing resources to it.

It aims to involve employees in causes, projects and non-profit organisations through the dedication of their time, skills and talent.

To this end, at ENUSA we consider the participation of its employees, who are the ones who promote the different initiatives, to be fundamental.

In this regard, our corporate volunteering areas have been defined with the values, culture and interests of our employees in mind:

  • Environmental voluntary work
  • Social voluntary work
  • Professional voluntary work
  • Solidarity-based management

These are some of the projects in which we have participated:

  • Clothes and food drives.
  • Blood donation campaigns.
  • Solidarity sports projects.
  • Workshops and activities in favour of people with different abilities, in a situation of risk and/or social exclusion.
  • Environmental volunteering days.

All these activities can be consulted on our Corporate Volunteering Portal.