• The ENUSA Group has fulfilled all its commitments during the 2020 financial year despite the health crisis caused by COVID-19. The Company have maintained its safety and quality standards, and it closed the year with a profit of more than 4 million euros and a provision of 5 million

  • ENUSA has earmarked 76.5% of the production of the Juzbado factory for export. On a national level, ENUSA has reached an agreement with the Spanish electricity companies to extend the fuel supply contracts until the end of life of the 5PWR reactors, in line with the Spanish Nuclear Programme

  • EMGRISA has improved its turnover and profit after tax, achieving a positive operating result and creating an order book of more than 16 million euros

  • ETSA has reached its highest turnover and results since the beginning of its operations in 1996

After being approved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the ENUSA Group is today publishing its Annual Report for the 2020 financial year. This document includes the most important milestones and the main initiatives carried out over the past year, which enable the company to move forward strategically into the future.

During the course of the previous year, the pandemic highlighted the essential value of health. This fact, coupled with the ENUSA Group’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has defined the graphic line chosen for the 2020 Annual Report. The design of this document is inspired by and based on SDG 3 ‘Health and well-being’, aimed at guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting well-being at all ages.

In the 2020 financial year, the ENUSA Group faced the health crisis with the implementation of a Comprehensive Plan for Prevention and Action against COVID-19, because the health of all people who make up the ENUSA Group is essential and a priority for the Company. Since the beginning of the pandemic, close health surveillance has been carried out, hygiene measures have been taken at each of the work centres and work measures have been implemented to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Despite the situation generated by the pandemic, during the 2020 financial year the ENUSA Group fulfilled all its commitments, always guaranteeing the safety and quality standards that characterise it as an organisation. As a result, the ENUSA Group closed last year with a turnover of 247 million euros and a pre-tax profit of 4.2 million euros (3 million after tax). In addition, a provision has been made for risks related to import duties on components paid in previous years (from 2010 to 2019) in the amount of approximately 5 million euros.


Nuclear business

The ENUSA Group is characterised by the diversity of its activities, which are integrated into three businesses: nuclear, environmental and logistics. Among the milestones of the nuclear business, stands out the agreement reached with the Spanish electricity companies to extend the fuel supply contracts until the end of life of the 5PWR reactors of the Spanish nuclear power plants of Almaraz, Ascó and Vandellós II, which aligns ENUSA with the Spanish Nuclear Programme.

Equally noteworthy milestones are the signing of the subcontract to supply fuel to the French electricity company EDF until 2024, and the signing of the contract with the Swiss electricity company AXPO, which will allow ENUSA to supply demonstration fuel assemblies for the Leibstadt nuclear power plant (KKL).

In 2020, the fuel assembly factory in Juzbado (Salamanca) manufactured 288.9 tonnes of uranium equivalent, of which 76.5% was destined for export, for plants in Belgium, France, Sweden and Finland, as part of the internationalisation strategy of the ENUSA Group, which has also increased its activities in China, Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

As a result of the previous financial year, ENUSA, the Group’s parent company, obtained a profit after tax of 3 million euros.

With the aim of extending ENUSA’s scope of action, the dismantling and radioactive waste management business line has been set up, launching the development of several radiological characterisation and radioactive waste management optimisation projects.


Environmental business

The environmental commitment is inherent to the ENUSA Group and is materialised with the subsidiary EMGRISA, which during 2020 has carried out 104 projects aimed at environmental soil management, waste management, environmental consultancy and development and innovation; also on an international level.

In addition, a new line of environmental business has been created to provide advice and technical assistance in water planning. It is worth noting that last year EMGRISA consolidated its position as an own means of the General State Administration and the public sector, with 24 new management assignments. In the 2020 financial year, the ENUSA Group’s environmental brand increased its business portfolio by more than 16 million euros.

The biogas plant that the Group owned in Juzbado treated 2,441 tons of waste and generated 2,145,378 kWht of energy supplied to the fuel assembly plant and 341,650 kWht of energy sold. In June 2020 the industrial assets of the biogas plant were disposed of.

The Urban Solid Waste (USW) plant, located in Cervera del Maestre (Castellón), managed 68,606 tonnes of waste, of which 11,092 tonnes of recoverable material and 2,220 tonnes of biostabilised material were recovered. As proof of the quality assurance offered by the ENUSA Group, ISO 14001 has been implemented and is ready for accreditation.

The Saelices el Chico Centre (Salamanca) carried out the chemical treatment of at least 450,000 m3/year of acidic water stored at the site. Another milestone within the environmental business is the end of the manufacturing and spreading of technosols of the TEKURA project, with some 9,500 m3/year manufactured, continuing with the monitoring and control of the project’s results.


Logistics business

The ENUSA Group, through its subsidiary ETSA, carries out the logistics and transport of dangerous, complex and high-responsibility goods in a multimodal manner and operating globally. During the 2020 financial year, 53,340 shipments related to nuclear medicine, 530 shipments related to the nuclear industry and 3,683 chemical products in tankers were carried out.

In 2020 a remarkable milestone took place: ETSA achieved its highest sales and earnings since the start of its operations in 1996.



The ENUSA Group’s 2020 Annual Report reflects the success of the activities accomplished by the company over the last year, as well as the economic and social benefits they have brought. The Report already shows the first actions carried out that are guiding the company towards a new horizon presided by sustainable development. The ENUSA Group is adapting well, because it has the aim of continue developing innovative nuclear, environmental and logistics solutions at a global level.

The 2020 Annual Report complies with the usual requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Law 11/2018 of 28 December on non-financial information and diversity, which reinforces the requirements for information on the Group’s evolution, results and situation in social, environmental and good governance matters.


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