Uranium procurement

The company currently focuses its nuclear business on the first part of the fuel cycle, which it markets both domestically and internationally.

ENUSA manages the supply of enriched uranium to the electricity companies that own the Spanish nuclear power plants
We procure supplies from major global suppliers and maintain contracts with the world's leading suppliers of uranium concentrates, conversion services and enrichment services.

The portfolio of suppliers that we manage in ENUSA allows us to maintain a very demanding diversification policy of sources regarding flexibility, security of supply and prices. Therefore, since the beginning of our activities, we have maintained contacts worldwide with other global suppliers and electricity companies as well as cooperated with international organisations in the sector.

In addition to our purchasing management, we manage the logistics involved in transforming uranium into its final product: enriched uranium. This management focuses on optimising the transport, insurance, licences, etc. needed to move uranium around the world.
We also manage uranium stocks in several countries in order to provide service and security of supply to our customers.

We maintain a very demanding policy of diversification of sources regarding flexibility, security of supply and prices.