Work with us

Our main objective is the commitment of ENUSA’s people to our corporate values.

We want our human team to:

  • Give priority to safety, quality and respect for the environment.
  • Contribute to a transparent environment based on honesty, trust and respect towards everyone.
  • Possess a spirit of teamwork to create a participative and self-critical environment.
  • Encourage constructive leadership and innovation.
  • Persevere in the desire to excel.

If these characteristics define you, we encourage you to get to know our open selection processes and to access the following link:

True to its commitment to its employees, ENUSA has the following human resources policies:

Personnel Selection


Staffing needs are covered by means of rigorous selection processes whose fundamental principles are the position's public announcement, the guarantee of equal opportunities and non-discrimination and transparency.

The selection process is based on a careful identification of profiles that match the skills required for the position to be filled. The pre-selected candidates undergo the corresponding aptitude tests and interviews, and the most suitable candidate for the post is proposed for recruitment.

Training and Professional Development


Continuous training and lifelong development guarantee the appropriate qualification of ENUSA's people.

The training programmes, which are complementary to the initial training, are based on three main lines of action: Compulsory training covering regulatory and legislative needs, technical-operational training for adaptation and improvement in the performance of job activities and the Competence Training Programme based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Occupational Health and Safety


The nature of ENUSA's industrial and nuclear sector means that the prevention and care of people's health and safety is a top priority

Since its origin, ENUSA has been working on people's Health and Safety. Since the entry into force of the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risk (LPRL), ENUSA has set up a joint service that covers our work centres in the four legally-established preventive specialities: Industrial Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Medicine and Ergonomics and Applied Psychology.

"We are seeking your motivation and talent"