ENUSA begins 2015 with a renewed visual identity. New approaches for new times in which the company is adapting to strategic changes with a sense of modernity and immediacy.

ENUSA has focused its activities on two business areas – nuclear and environmental – and along with this it is launching a new stage of international expansion and projects, and its image should be in tune with this process.

The image keeps its imagetype since the “U” is its hallmark and key to recognition of the “ENUSA” brand.

The new visual identity offers an evolved image that has been updated to the present time, is more in keeping with current trends and revisits the company values. All this has been done without disconnecting from the company stakeholders, as the imagetype and its blue color from the old image have been maintained.

Digital Revolution and Interactivity

Today a website is a company’s letter of introduction to the online world. Therefore, it is essential to have a well cared for, updated website. Along with the new identity, ENUSA presents a new website with a modern and functional graphic appearance and that is much more dynamic and accessible than the previous one. The new web is intuitive and more in tune with the times, and from the first glance it helps the user find the required information.

www.enusa.es offers information on the new activities, products and services that the company is developing in its two business areas – nuclear and environmental – at both the national and international levels.

Sustainability and compliance with the Transparency Act as a public enterprise are also included in the new site. These sections contain information on good governance and the commitment to safety, the environment, quality and corporate responsibility.

We include a Press Room to help journalists with their work, allowing them to download press releases, images, videos, infographics and publications on the different activities and processes we undertake. We include an agenda section to report on the events, congresses and conferences in which our representatives take part, as well as the visits we welcome to our facilities.

Communication Strategy at the Service of the Business Strategy

ENUSA has been undertaking changes in its business strategy that are necessary to maintain its market competitiveness. The most significant decision, and the one that guides the development of projects and activities, is to definitively focus on its two business areas: nuclear and environmental. As a result, the disinvestment of its subsidiary Molypharma has been concluded, and the companies left in the ENUSA Group are ETSA in the nuclear business and EMGRISA as the group’s environmental brand.

On the other hand, the company continues to enthusiastically pursue the process of internationalization. As a result of this effort, in 2014 it made its first sale of inspection equipment to China and Brazil, operations which it trusts will be followed by many others.

ENUSA also continues to work actively to increases its technological capabilities in the second part of the fuel cycle, and the Juzbado Factory is still implementing continuous improvement in the manufacturing process with a heavy investment in the upgrading of equipment and systems.