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Enusa reports a reportable event to the Nuclear Safety Council

The ENUSA fuel assembly factory in Juzbado notified the Nuclear Safety Council Emergency Center of a reportable event today, which was due to the failure to issue the Monitoring Requirement report P-RV-, “Quarterly check of electrical battery operation”, specifically in three electrical distribution boards. The deadline for the completion of the Monitoring Requirement was October 7, 2015. The batteries of the affected boards will be checked during the afternoons of October 16 and 17, 2015. Therefore, the failure to complete this Monitoring Requirement report has not posed any risk whatsoever to the facility, the workers, the public or the environment....

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The Juzbado Fuel Assembly Factory has conducted the annual emergency drill

A criticality accident after three drums of powder fall: the focus of the annual emergency drill at the Juzbado Factory As a result, four workers were exposed to irradiation and contamination. Once again, the drill has shown that the Enusa emergency organization and the available resources all function properly. This morning, the Juzbado fuel assembly factory has conducted the annual emergency drill, which took place between 10:30 and 12:00 hours. On this occasion, the recreated event has been a criticality accident that occurs because of the accumulation of nuclear material after three uranium oxide powder drums fall over and open. The event begins in the powder warehouse when a worker driving a forklift makes an abrupt maneuver and strongly hits two drums that were on a roller conveyor. Both drums fall down and open, spilling uranium powder. A third drum is left in an unstable position and also finally falls in the same area, thus causing a situation that results in a criticality accident. As a result, two workers are contaminated and irradiated and another two only irradiated. The personnel is evacuated from the facility and the four affected workers are cared for by the Enusa Medical Service. The criticality reaction stops by itself and at that moment the drill is declared at an end, with the facility returning to normality. The drill is one of the Juzbado Interior Emergency Plan requirements. This type of activity is periodically carried out in nuclear facilities to check the proper functioning of the Emergency Organization, the availability of resources and the coordination with the involved agencies. In this case, the drill has been conducted correctly and within the bounds of normality. For more information, see the Nuclear Safety Council website where this activity is...

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The ENUSA GROUP Presents its Annual Report

In 2014 the earnings of this corporate group amounted to € 286 million The fuel assembly factory in Juzbado exported more than 70% to European nuclear power plants ETSA, the transportation subsidiary, handled almost 40,000 shipments of radioactive material EMGRISA, the Group’s environmental firm, opened an office in Peru as part of its internationalization process In a year when the public sector Transparency Act took effect, the Annual Report is a tool for awareness and reflection that characterizes the ENUSA Group and is one of our trademarks. The purpose of the Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance Act is to extend and strengthen the transparency of public activities, regulate and guarantee the right of access to information on those activities and establish the obligations to be observed by public officials. In 2014, ENUSA opened a Transparency Portal section on its website which makes information available to any interested party regarding the company business and including economic and financial data, corporate, organizational and regulatory information, etc. Transparency and credibility are necessary steps to be taken to consolidate Corporate Social Responsibility in the sense of gaining the trust of all stakeholders, including the market. Main Activities of the ENUSA Group in 2014 In 2014, the most important decision and one that will guide the development of ENUSA GROUP projects and activities, as well as maintain its market competitiveness, has been to definitively concentrate on its two business areas: nuclear and environmental. Consequently, the disinvestment of its subsidiary Molypharma has been completed and the companies remaining in the ENUSA GROUP are: ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS, S.A. and ETSA in the nuclear business, and EMGRISA as the Group’s environmental brand. The ENUSA GROUP, which in 2014 had 711 employees, has had a turnover of 286 million Euros in 2014, and its after-tax earnings have amounted to 4 million Euros. The Supply area of ENUSA, the Group’s parent company, has signed important enrichment services contracts that will guarantee the supply in the years to come. The output in 2014 of the Fuel Manufacturing area has amounted to 340 tons of uranium equivalent (tU), 70% of which has been exported to European power plants. The Juzbado Factory continues to improve the manufacturing process on an ongoing basis, with heavy investments in equipment and systems upgrades which in 2014 amounted to 3.7 million. The company is still working actively to boost its technological capabilities in the second part of the fuel cycle. On the other hand, the nuclear company carries on with its internationalization activities, and in 2014 the Salamanca-based firm has sold its first orders of fresh fuel inspection equipment to China and Brazil, operations which it trusts will be followed by many similar ones. ENUSA maintains its commitment to innovation through R&D projects. In 2014, 14 new research projects were undertaken, with an investment of six million Euros (€6 M) and a dedication equivalent to 30 researchers/year. The dangerous goods transportation company – ETSA – has carried 39,818 shipments of radioactive material and has signed an agreement with Biocarburantes de Castilla y León to be a transport operator. As for the Group’s environmental activities, EMGRISA became the environmental brand of ENUSA in 2014. The subsidiary, which focuses on industrial waste management and treatment of contaminated water and soils, has continued to internationalize by...

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EMGRISA presents its office in Peru

EMGRISA, an ENUSA GROUP company that provides environmental services, presented its branch office in Peru yesterday to several companies and representatives of the Administration in Lima. The President of EMGRISA, José Luis Gonzalez Martinez, the Director General, Mariano Martinez Cepa, the Technical Director, Alfonso Alvarez Rodriguez, and EMGRISA’s representative in Peru, José Angel Andrés Anadón, were in charge of giving the presentation and explaining the environmental services and projects in which EMGRISA has participated. Peru is posting fast growth in the early phases of the services offered by EMGRISA – investigation and identification of contamination. In addition, it has very demanding environmental regulations but little experience in the services for which EMGRISA is a reference in our country, with extensive experience and the capability to undertake large-scale remediation projects. With its recognized experience, EMGRISA seeks to provide services from its Peru office involving soil and groundwater decontamination, management of a wide range of wastes (agro-food, municipal solid, industrial, etc.), mine reclamation, environmental consulting and engineering and technical assistance to the private sector and public administrations both in Peru itself and in the rest of the Latin American companies. See more information and video of EFE EMGRISA Launches a New Image Coinciding with its 25th Anniversary and international expansion, EMGRISA has presented a new visual identity. It has kept its round image-type from the previous logo and respected the corporate colors of the ENUSA GROUP logo. A renewed image in keeping with new times and new projects to be undertaken. “El Suplemento 2015” Prize Last Friday, EMGRISA received the “El Suplemento 2015” Prize in the Environmental Management category. This prize recognizes the work and activity of our subsidiary in the environmental sector, and specifically for having its own recourses and technology to execute a wide range of studies, projects and works related to contaminated soils and groundwater, environmental consulting and management and management of different types of industrial wastes. “El Suplemento 2015”...

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ENUSA in the 11th Edition of the China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry

ENUSA has taken part again this year in the China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry, the most important nuclear trade fair in China that is held in Beijing. ENUSA had a stand in the Spanish pavilion together with companies such as Tecnatom, Ringo Válvulas, ENSA and Técnicas Reunidas and under the coordination of the Nuclear Industry Forum. Year after year, the Beijing trade fair offers an important meeting point for companies with interests in the Chinese nuclear sector and it is a great opportunity to establish commercial contacts. ENUSA has been present in China since 2007 through the Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation (SNGC), a consortium of Spanish companies whose aim is the supply of nuclear products and services abroad, primarily focusing on China and South America. The SNGC business activity has been intense in recent years, as evidenced by the current process of execution of the collaboration agreements signed in previous years with the leading firms with nuclear assets in this Asian country. These agreements position the SNGC as a real alternative for the supply of products and services both to the operating plants and to the new reactors under construction. ENUSA also operates in the Asian country on its own, selling both fresh and irradiated fuel manufacturing and inspection equipment developed with in-house technology and together with Tecnatom. In 2014, ENUSA sold its first inspection equipment in China and Brazil. This year the ENUSA stand was visited by representatives of the fuel factories of Baotou and Yibin and CGN Group companies such as CNPDC, CNPRI and CGN-URC. In addition to the visits strictly related to the nuclear world, the Spanish pavilion also welcomed Mr. Serra, the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassy, and Mr. Ma Kai, one of the four Chinese Vice Premiers and member of the State Council, who asked about the activities of the Spanish nuclear sector companies in...

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ENUSA renews its visual identity and website

ENUSA begins 2015 with a renewed visual identity. New approaches for new times in which the company is adapting to strategic changes with a sense of modernity and immediacy. ENUSA has focused its activities on two business areas – nuclear and environmental – and along with this it is launching a new stage of international expansion and projects, and its image should be in tune with this process. The image keeps its imagetype since the “U” is its hallmark and key to recognition of the “ENUSA” brand. The new visual identity offers an evolved image that has been updated to the present time, is more in keeping with current trends and revisits the company values. All this has been done without disconnecting from the company stakeholders, as the imagetype and its blue color from the old image have been maintained. Digital Revolution and Interactivity Today a website is a company’s letter of introduction to the online world. Therefore, it is essential to have a well cared for, updated website. Along with the new identity, ENUSA presents a new website with a modern and functional graphic appearance and that is much more dynamic and accessible than the previous one. The new web is intuitive and more in tune with the times, and from the first glance it helps the user find the required information. offers information on the new activities, products and services that the company is developing in its two business areas – nuclear and environmental – at both the national and international levels. Sustainability and compliance with the Transparency Act as a public enterprise are also included in the new site. These sections contain information on good governance and the commitment to safety, the environment, quality and corporate responsibility. We include a Press Room to help journalists with their work, allowing them to download press releases, images, videos, infographics and publications on the different activities and processes we undertake. We include an agenda section to report on the events, congresses and conferences in which our representatives take part, as well as the visits we welcome to our facilities. Communication Strategy at the Service of the Business Strategy ENUSA has been undertaking changes in its business strategy that are necessary to maintain its market competitiveness. The most significant decision, and the one that guides the development of projects and activities, is to definitively focus on its two business areas: nuclear and environmental. As a result, the disinvestment of its subsidiary Molypharma has been concluded, and the companies left in the ENUSA Group are ETSA in the nuclear business and EMGRISA as the group’s environmental brand. On the other hand, the company continues to enthusiastically pursue the process of internationalization. As a result of this effort, in 2014 it made its first sale of inspection equipment to China and Brazil, operations which it trusts will be followed by many others. ENUSA also continues to work actively to increases its technological capabilities in the second part of the fuel cycle, and the Juzbado Factory is still implementing continuous improvement in the manufacturing process with a heavy investment in the upgrading of equipment and...

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