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For all of us in ENUSA, it is essential to have a highly qualified, motivated, committed and innovative human team. Therefore, we support ongoing training and development of our workers through rigorous programs of training in know-how, skills and competences specific to the sector and to the posts to be covered.

What is our selection policy?

More than ten years ago, we were founding members of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact whose principles endorse and reinforce our Code of Conduct that is binding on our workers, suppliers and clients.

The selection processes that we use guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination, as well as the confidentiality of the candidates who take part.

Our objective in ENUSA is that newly hired employees be people committed to the company’s corporate values; that they pay utmost attention to quality, safety and respect for the environment; that they help to create a transparent environment based on honesty, trust and respect for the person; that they foster leadership and innovation; that they have a teamwork spirit; that they create a participative and self-critical environment; and that they persevere in their work and have a desire to excel in the organization.

What is a selection process with us like?

Having advertised the job offers and identified the profiles, we give aptitude, knowledge and skills tests and personal interviews.

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