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ENUSA Present in the 42nd Annual Meeting of the SNE

More than 650 professionals attended the meeting from September 28 to 30 in Santander.   The Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), which was founded in 1974 and has nearly one thousand members from the Spanish nuclear sector, held its 42nd Annual Meeting last week in Santander with the attendance of more than 650 professionals. The SNE’s purpose is to disseminate and promote nuclear science, technology, research and the human factors related to nuclear applications. The Congress scientific and technical program, which is the core of the meeting, included more than 400 papers in which the sector professionals presented their work on relevant projects, significant scientific news and the advances achieved in the last year in different fields. The companies present in this event included ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, S.A., which was represented by its professionals who submitted a total of 16 papers distributed between the sessions on Fuel, Nuclear Safety, Radiation and Environmental Protection, and Quality, Organization and Human Factors. In parallel with the Technical and Social Programs, there were more than 30 companies and national and international organizations present at the Trade Exhibition in the Santander Convention and Exhibition Center, which makes this Exhibition a very important business center for the sector industries and at which ENUSA was present with a stand. And for the first time the meeting included an Information Center on nuclear energy and plant operation which welcomed more than 600 school children from Santander. The 2017 meeting will be held in Malaga from October 4 to 6.  ...

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The Juzbado Factory Holds its Annual Emergency Drill

This morning, the Juzbado fuel assembly factory held the annual emergency drill, which took place from 10:40 am to 12:15 pm. On this occasion, there was a simulation of a 5 magnitude earthquake, which exceeds the shutdown value and requires the factory to reach stable, safe conditions. The event commenced when a powder drum fell in the warehouse. This fall affected two people who at the moment were working with the drums and were externally contaminated. In addition, another two workers were injured and a rescue operation was required; they were subsequently cared for by the facility’s Medical Service. As a result of the earthquake, the facility was evacuated and an intervention was planned in the powder warehouse to clean up the spilled material, which would be a post-emergency action. Once this was done, the drill came to an end and was considered to have taken place correctly and with normal results. The drill is part of the Juzbado Interior Emergency Plan requirements. This type of action is periodically performed in nuclear facilities to check that the Emergency Organization functions correctly, that resources are available and that there is proper coordination with the involved organizations. For more information, see the Nuclear Safety Council website where information on this drill is available:...

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Live Art will again fill the streets of Juzbado with the 6th ENUSA Painting in the Rural Medium Contest

On Sunday October 2, and coinciding with the local patron saint fiestas in honor of Saint Michael, the municipality of Juzbado will host a new edition of the ENUSA Painting in the Rural Medium Contest organized by the town council with the sponsorship of this public enterprise, whose fuel assembly factory has been located in Juzbado for more than 30 years. The purpose of this artistic competition, which in previous years has succeeded in attracting painters from all over Spain, is to stimulate pictorial creation and conviviality, sociability and exchange of skills between people. These are all values shared by ENUSA, to which is added the company’s commitment to the rural medium and to protecting and enhancing the historical-artistic and environmental aspects of its areas of influence. The pictorial technique of this contest is free choice and the theme must refer to Juzbado and its municipal district; therefore the participants will choice the spot they prefer within the town’s municipal district. Prior registration is free but obligatory in order to participate. Consult the rules HERE and at Registration will be open until September 29 via email Infantile and juvenile creativity has a place As in previous editions of this contest, children and adolescents may also take part to give full rein to their creativity, always in accordance with the contest rules. Their work will be exhibited together with the adults’ work and they will be rewarded with a gift from the sponsor....

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Emgrisa and ENUSA participate in the 10th Anniversary of Peru’s Activos Mineros

On July 12, Emgrisa and ENUSA took part in the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Peruvian administration public enterprise, Activos Mineros, S.A.C. (AMSAC), which took place in the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru. AMSAC, created in 2006, is a state-run private enterprise belonging to the mining sector and FONAFE (State National Business Activity Financing Fund) Corporation, and it has been promoting socially responsible mining for 10 years. The main objective of AMSAC is to remediate mining liabilities entrusted to it by the State (Ministry of Energy and Mines, PROINVERSIÓN and FONAFE) and to maintain the liabilities already remediated. It also administers and oversees the post-privatization commitments taken on by mining investors and, in turn, collaborates with the promotion of private investment in the State’s mining concessions. Activos Mineros invited the Peru branch of Emgrisa to participate in the event as a specialist firm in remediation of former mining operations. During the event, Fernando Lozano Martinez, ENUSA Environment Manager, presented a paper on the experience of reclaiming spaces where activities have been carried out in the uranium mining sector. Afterwards there was a panel of specialists which answered questions regarding the sustainability of the mining business and the future challenges to the sector in terms of sustainability. The event was attended by Rosario Patiño Marca, advisor of the ministerial office of the Ministry of Energy and Mining and President of AMSAC; Julia Justo Soto, Executive Director of FONAM; Guillermo Shinno Huamani, Vice-Minister of Mines; Luis Egocheaga Young, General Manager of AMSAC; Guillermo Median Cruz, National Coordinator of Better Gold Initiative, etc. Fernando Lozano spoke with them about the experience of the ENUSA Group companies in reclamation of land where mining operations have been carried out. Both for Emgrisa and for ENUSA, the invitation to participate in this event is an acknowledgement of their business and the quality of their services, and it also allowed them to learn more about the activity and repercussions of AMSAC’s functions on the Peruvian mining sector and society as a whole. The EMGRISA delegation in Peru, headed by Jose Angel Andrés, has now been in Lima for more than two years and is widely recognized in the mining and environmental sector and also by the Public...

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ENUSA has participated in the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016

ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, S.A., together with other Spanish nuclear sector companies and associations, has participated in the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016 held in Paris from June 28 to 30. The World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), which took place in Paris Le Bourget, brought together the global community of the civil nuclear sector. The Spain Stand, managed by ICEX in the framework of its internationalization plan and in collaboration with the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum, had a surface area of 136 m2 for Spanish companies and associations from the nuclear sector to display their technology, capabilities, services and products and to explain their participation in global nuclear development to 10,000 international visitors. The companies present in the WNE along with ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, S.A . have been: Amphos, Asturfeito S.A., Nuclear Industry Cluster of Cantabria, Empresarios Agrupados, ENSA, Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering, GD Energy Services, IDOM Ingeniera y Consultoria S.A.U., Taim Weser S.A., TECNATOM, Virlab S.A. and Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum. This second edition of the World Nuclear Exhibition has attracted 700 exhibiters which have addressed issues such as long-term plant operation, new projects, future technologies, fuel cycle and nuclear training with workshops, roundtables and professionals meetings, all under the same central theme: “The civil nuclear industry in the global energy mix”. In the last year, ENUSA has exported 62% of its production to Europe, mostly to France where it supplied fuel assemblies to a total of 9 nuclear power...

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(ESP) ENUSA colabora con el curso de combustible nuclear organizado por la Cátedra Juan Manuel Kindelán del CSN

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