EMGRISA presents its office in Peru

EMGRISA, an ENUSA GROUP company that provides environmental services, presented its branch office in Peru yesterday to several companies and representatives of the Administration in Lima.

The President of EMGRISA, José Luis Gonzalez Martinez, the Director General, Mariano Martinez Cepa, the Technical Director, Alfonso Alvarez Rodriguez, and EMGRISA’s representative in Peru, José Angel Andrés Anadón, were in charge of giving the presentation and explaining the environmental services and projects in which EMGRISA has participated.

Peru is posting fast growth in the early phases of the services offered by EMGRISA – investigation and identification of contamination. In addition, it has very demanding environmental regulations but little experience in the services for which EMGRISA is a reference in our country, with extensive experience and the capability to undertake large-scale remediation projects.

With its recognized experience, EMGRISA seeks to provide services from its Peru office involving soil and groundwater decontamination, management of a wide range of wastes (agro-food, municipal solid, industrial, etc.), mine reclamation, environmental consulting and engineering and technical assistance to the private sector and public administrations both in Peru itself and in the rest of the Latin American companies.

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EMGRISA Launches a New Image Nuevo logo EMGRISA

Coinciding with its 25th Anniversary and international expansion, EMGRISA has presented a new visual identity. It has kept its round image-type from the previous logo and respected the corporate colors of the ENUSA GROUP logo. A renewed image in keeping with new times and new projects to be undertaken.

“El Suplemento 2015” Prize

Last Friday, EMGRISA received the “El Suplemento 2015” Prize in the Environmental Management category. This prize recognizes the work and activity of our subsidiary in the environmental sector, and specifically for having its own recourses and technology to execute a wide range of studies, projects and works related to contaminated soils and groundwater, environmental consulting and management and management of different types of industrial wastes.

“El Suplemento 2015” Prize