Emgrisa and ENUSA participate in the 10th Anniversary of Peru’s Activos Mineros

On July 12, Emgrisa and ENUSA took part in the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Peruvian administration public enterprise, Activos Mineros, S.A.C. (AMSAC), which took place in the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru.

AMSAC, created in 2006, is a state-run private enterprise belonging to the mining sector and FONAFE (State National Business Activity Financing Fund) Corporation, and it has been promoting socially responsible mining for 10 years.

The main objective of AMSAC is to remediate mining liabilities entrusted to it by the State (Ministry of Energy and Mines, PROINVERSIÓN and FONAFE) and to maintain the liabilities already remediated. It also administers and oversees the post-privatization commitments taken on by mining investors and, in turn, collaborates with the promotion of private investment in the State’s mining concessions.

Activos Mineros invited the Peru branch of Emgrisa to participate in the event as a specialist firm in remediation of former mining operations. During the event, Fernando Lozano Martinez, ENUSA Environment Manager, presented a paper on the experience of reclaiming spaces where activities have been carried out in the uranium mining sector. Afterwards there was a panel of specialists which answered questions regarding the sustainability of the mining business and the future challenges to the sector in terms of sustainability. The event was attended by Rosario Patiño Marca, advisor of the ministerial office of the Ministry of Energy and Mining and President of AMSAC; Julia Justo Soto, Executive Director of FONAM; Guillermo Shinno Huamani, Vice-Minister of Mines; Luis Egocheaga Young, General Manager of AMSAC; Guillermo Median Cruz, National Coordinator of Better Gold Initiative, etc. Fernando Lozano spoke with them about the experience of the ENUSA Group companies in reclamation of land where mining operations have been carried out.

Both for Emgrisa and for ENUSA, the invitation to participate in this event is an acknowledgement of their business and the quality of their services, and it also allowed them to learn more about the activity and repercussions of AMSAC’s functions on the Peruvian mining sector and society as a whole. The EMGRISA delegation in Peru, headed by Jose Angel Andrés, has now been in Lima for more than two years and is widely recognized in the mining and environmental sector and also by the Public Administration.

10º Aniversario AMSACFernando Lozano de ENUSA