Juzbado inaugurates tomorrow, Saturday, the mural of its fronton in Los Berrocales Sports Complex

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 noon, the President of ENUSA, Jose L. Gonzalez, will attend the inauguration in Juzbado of the mural which has been painted on the fronton court of the sports complex and which ENUSA has helped to sponsor, as part of the Sponsorship and Patronage Plan that is managed by the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility division.

Neighbors and friends of Juzbado, as well as anyone else who wants to take part, will also be present at the event.

Artists Pablo S. Herrero from Salamanca and Joaquin Vila from Madrid have worked for a month on the fronton at the Los Berrocales sports complex of Juzbado to create a mural measuring more than 600 m2. The work, which consolidates Juzbado’s commitment to its “Open Landscape Book”, significantly changes the appearance not only of the fronton, but also of the area’s landscape since it is visible from several kilometers away.

The mural these young artists have created is integrated into the landscape, and it is the result of several meetings with the town. Their original proposal was enriched thanks to the contribution of the Juzbado townspeople during the days before the work began. The mural includes the most symbolic elements of the municipality: a large array of the local fauna and flora, as well as landscape elements that, without forsaking the artists’ style, express the popular and also an avant-garde and conceptual tradition.

This is the first time that the two artists have joined forces to create a large-format mural, which is titled “Open Book”, and it has involved a month of painting at a height of more than 12 meters to cover a surface area equivalent to a soccer field with more than 400 liters of paint. The walls of this immense structure, which up until now were gray, have now had their appearance mitigated in the surrounding landscape thanks to the colors used and the shapes that both artists have chosen to depict their style in tune with the townspeople’s will.

In a few days, the documentary filmed by filmmaker Alvaro Málaga from Salamanca, and which was shot simultaneously with Pablo’s and Joaquin’s work, will be available. This documentary has also been supported by a number of photographers and drone pilots. To see the documentary teaser, click HERE.

The inauguration in Juzbado of the mural