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Our environmental business focuses on services for environmental conservation and efficient energy use.
Through our subsidiary EMGRISA, we treat and manage all kinds of waste, characterize and treat contaminated soils and waters, provide environmental consulting and engineering services and perform radiological studies.

EMGRISA focuses on the collection, transport and management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes, giving priority to waste reuse and valorization activities.

We design, build and operate plants for the reuse and recycling of municipal solid wastes (MSW) and assimilable wastes and the treatment of agro-animal and agro-industrial wastes for the obtainment of biogas and agronomic valorization of the digestate.

We undertake all manner of research studies of subsoil contamination and decontamination activities using the best available techniques; we design solutions based on the analysis of alternatives and development of pilot tests and in-house technology for the in-situ treatment of soils and sludge contaminated by organic compounds.

We also undertake viability studies and basic and detailed engineering for the treatment of contaminated wastes, soils and waters and radiologically impacted sites.

As a complement to these activities, our environmental area supervises the reclamation of former uranium mining facilities. ENUSA currently has two decommissioning programs, one in La Haba (Badajoz), which is in the long-term monitoring and control phase, and another in Saelices el Chico (Salamanca), which is under way with installations pending dismantling.

The ultimate purpose of the decommissioning works has been and is to ensure that, once they are completed, the environmental and radiological conditions of the sites will be as similar as possible to those existing before exploitation. Both programs are coordinated by the Ciudad Rodrigo Environmental Center, in collaboration with the ENUSA Technical Environmental Office which undertakes environmental consulting and technical assistance activities.


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