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The company currently focuses its nuclear business on the front end of the fuel cycle, which it markets both nationally and internationally.

ENUSA supplies enriched uranium to the electric utilities that own the Spanish nuclear power plants. It manages the uranium procurement, the conversion and enrichment services and the logistics of uranium operations from the place of origin up to delivery of the enriched uranium to the fuel factories.

The company deals with the design mechanical, thermalmechanical, nuclear and thermalhydraulic of nuclear fuel. In addition, and in demand by our customers, performs the core design and the safety analyses of the recharge. Its fuel engineering division has nearly thirty years of experience in fuel design and licensing in several European countries.

The company manufactures and supplies fuel assemblies for pressurized water (PWR) and boiling water (BWR) nuclear power plant reactors in its Juzbado plant (Salamanca), which started operating in 1985. The average annual production of the facility is 330 tons of uranium, 60% of which is produced for export.

Another important part of its nuclear business are the engineering services in all areas related to the management and optimization of fuel use in the reactor and fuel services in inspection and repair activities and fresh and irradiated fuel handling, acting as support to the nuclear power plants.
ENUSA has a subsidiary company that transports nuclear and radioactive material; ETSA is a global, multi-modal (terrestrial, sea and air) hazardous merchandise transportation company.

Its nuclear business is completed by its own R&D&I programs and others in collaboration with its licensors, with 5% of its fuel sales earmarked for R&D. We supply manufacturing and fresh and irradiated fuel inspection equipment to international firms.


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