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The Juzbado factory notifies the Nuclear Safety Council of a reportable event

At 11:40 hours on January 3, a false alarm was triggered in the Criticality Alarm System of the Juzbado fuel factory. There were 16 people in the plant at the time, although operations had been shut down due to the vacation period. The possible causes of this failure in the system are now being analyzed in order to proceed to correct them. The incident did not pose any risk to the facility, the workers, the public or the environment.

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ENUSA y AREVA firman un contrato de suministro de uranio enriquecido.

During the first edition of the World Nuclear Exhibition, ENUSA and the French company AREVA signed a multi-year contract for the supply of enrichment services. This enriched uranium, once manufactured into nuclear fuel, will be used at Spanish nuclear power plants. This contract offers significant benefits to both partners: it provides ENUSA with sustained security of supply and is in line with AREVA’s commercial strategy to develop long-term partnerships with major players in the nuclear industry.. The enrichment services will be performed at the new Georges Besse II enrich-ment plant that is operated by AREVA at the Tricastin site in the south of France and features centrifuge enrichment technology. Jose Luis Gonzalez, president of ENUSA, said: “This supply contract contributes to the long term consolidation of the commercial relations between both companies.” Luc Oursel, chief executive officer of AREVA, said during the contract signature ceremony: “AREVA is honored to be selected by ENUSA for this key component of their nuclear fuel procurement. This contract reinforces the relationship of trust that began in...

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ENUSA firma un acuerdo para suministrar a China un equipo de inspección de combustible nuclear

The signing ceremony took place during the first official visit of the Spanish Premier to the Asian country The equipment guarantees the proper behavior of the fuel within the reactor This is the second sale contract for inspection equipment which ENUSA wins in China ENUSA, in collaboration with its partner Tecnatom, has signed a contract with the Chinese Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Co. Ltd., an affiliate of China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), for the supply of one ultrasonic leak detection equipment for irradiated nuclear fuel rods. Besides, the contract includes also the training and technical support for putting in operation the equipment in China. The formal signing took place today in the presence of the Chinese Premier, Mr. Li Keqiang, and of the Spanish Premier, Mr. Mariano Rajoy, and is part of the events programmed in relation with the first official trip which Mr. Rajoy is making to the Asian country. The nuclear fuel detection equipment which will be supplied to the Chinese company belongs to a group of advanced equipments called SICOM. ENUSA and Tecnatom are the owners of the SICOM technology, which is thus a fully Spanish technology. The SICOM equipments have been in use during the last few years in the Spanish nuclear power plants, and also in those in the rest of Europe with very satisfactory results due to the their modularity and high accuracy, and they are a key tool for guaranteeing the appropriate behavior of the fuel in the nuclear reactors along its operating life. On the basis of this first contract, ENUSA and its Chinese counterpart expect to strengthen their relationship, so that the SICOM equipments become in the technological referent in the Asian country for nuclear fuel inspection. Currently, the CGN group has 11 nuclear reactors in operation and a further 13 at different stages in construction, which means that the Spanish companies face a huge potential for developing their business in China. Second equipment sale contract in China This is the second contract concluded by ENUSA in China, in collaboration with Tecnatom, after the one reached last year for the supply of another inspection equipment to the company CNNC JianZhong Nuclear Fuel Co. which operates the fuel factory at Yibin, which is located in the center of the country and which is the main fuel supplier to the Chinese reactors park. With this contract, the Spanish companies position themselves in a high technology and strategic industry, managing to introduce their products into that country’s two most important nuclear conglomerates, CNNC and CGN. The Chinese Government’s policy of promoting nuclear power with the construction of new nuclear power plants means that the perspectives of the Spanish companies in the Chinese market are...

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