ENUSA hosts the 34th meeting of the CEIDEN Management Council at its headquarters

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CEIDEN aims to coordinate the different national R&D plans and programs, as well as participation in international programs.
The event was inaugurated by the president of ENUSA, José Vicente Berlanga, who has advanced the "important investment effort" that the Group will make in 2019 in R&D&I exceeding six million euros

Today, the ENUSA headquarters in Madrid hosted the 34th meeting of the CEIDEN Management Council. The event was inaugurated by the president of the Group, José Vicente Berlanga, who considers CEIDEN "as part of the genome that makes up the ENUSA Group, not only because of the obvious relationship with the nuclear fuel cycle and the most specific interests of the sector." , but also because of the transversality of the actions that we share because we are committed to R&D&I.

The president of ENUSA has advanced in his speech that the Group will make a "significant investment effort in R&D&I, committing an amount that will exceed six million euros for the 2019 financial year.

Berlanga has announced that the developments in R&D&I not only refer to the economic chapter, but that, in addition, a change of model has been launched in the way of implementing ideas "from the horizontality of the organization through of a brainstorm of all the talent we have at ENUSA" and which will be coordinated by Manuel Lozano, who, in addition to being in charge of the uranium supply area, is the Group's R&D&I director.

The president recalled that ENUSA is, in addition to being a leading company in the supply of fuel, a recognized company in the field of engineering and associated services, "something that has allowed us to obtain the trust of our clients in Spain and Europe." ». Something that, in his opinion, "has been possible thanks to strategic alliances and the constant commitment to quality and safety, in which we try to go even ahead of the demands of our regulators. Our commitment goes beyond mere regulation; It is a way of acting and working.

José Vicente Berlanga has been convinced that "these are times of opportunity, times to reinvent oneself" and, for this, "the sum of skills and knowledge is necessary", as well as the "multiplication of talent" that allows us to continue promoting growth from the technological base, which is what provides "added value" to society.

He concluded his speech by encouraging the sector to promote "our technology" beyond our borders because "the sum of the capabilities of the Spanish public and private nuclear sector make us unbeatable."