For years, ENUSA has been leading innovative environmental projects structured in several areas of work.

Empresa para la Gestión de Residuos Industriales, S.A., S.M.E., M.P. (Emgrisa), was set up in 1990 as an instrument of the Ministry of the Environment to implement the objectives of the national industrial waste and soil decontamination plans. Since 2003, it has belonged to the ENUSA Group.

Emgrisa is an own media and technical service of the General State Administration and the state public sector, according to Law 30/2007 on Public Sector Contracts, since 11 May 2009.

Emgrisa's main activities are the integrated management of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste and the treatment of contaminated soil and water.

Emgrisa has two hazardous waste treatment and transfer plants: one in Extremadura and the other in Castilla La Mancha. In addition, it has stakes in two companies: REMESA, Waste Management Centre of the autonomous city of Melilla, and CETRANSA, Integral Treatment Centre for Hazardous Industrial Waste in Valladolid.

And since 2014, Emgrisa, with the support of ENUSA's Technical Environmental Office, has been carrying out ENUSA's environmental engineering and consultancy work, as well as the marketing of services in the management of municipal solid waste treatment and agro-livestock and agro-industrial waste.

The ultimate objective of the decommissioning work was, and still is, to ensure that, once completed, the environmental and radiological conditions at the sites are as close as possible to those existing prior to operation. Both programmes are coordinated by the Environmental Centre of Ciudad Rodrigo, in collaboration with ENUSA's Technical Environmental Office, which carries out consulting and technical assistance activities.