ENUSA and Tecnatom sign a framework cooperation agreement with the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute of China

On January 28, representatives of ENUSA, Tecnatom and the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (SNPI) formalized the signature of an important framework agreement for cooperation in matters of nuclear fuel inspection equipment and systems.

In accordance with this agreement, the three companies agree to work together to introduce the fuel inspection equipment and technologies developed by ENUSA and Tecnatom into the Chinese corporate group to which the SNPI belongs – China General Nuclear (CGN). On the date of signature, the CGN Group already had 16 operating reactors and another 11 under construction, making it the leading nuclear power plant operator in China in terms of installed capacity. The group has already undertaken an ambitious internationalization plan, having reached agreements for the construction of new reactors in the United Kingdom and Romania.

ENUSA and Tecnatom began cooperating with SNPI in 2014 with the signature of a SICOM-UT equipment supply agreement. This irradiated nuclear fuel ultrasound inspection system was satisfactorily delivered in 2015 to the SNPI facilities in Daya Bay in the province of Guangdong.

On its part, Tecnatom considers SNPI to be an important technology partner, as both companies share the shareholding of CITEC, a nuclear power plant service provision company based in the Chinese city of Suzhou.

This agreement will boost the business of the two Spanish companies in the Chinese nuclear market, where in recent months they have supplied equipment for quality control in the nuclear fuel manufacturing phase to the Yibin fuel factory owned by the major corporation CNNC.

Signature of the agreement with SNPI

Signature of the agreement with SNPI. First row, from left to right: Mariano Rodríguez, Roberto Gonzalez, Wang An (SNPI) and Manuel Fernandez (Tecnatom). Back row, Tang Ximing (SNPI), Ju Cunyou (SNPI), Emilio Bobo, SK Cheung (NUTECH) and Sebastián Zhang (NUTECH).