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One delegation from the Nuclear Safety Council visits ENUSA’s facilities

One delegation from the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) headed by the Member Ms. Cristina Narbona has met ENUSA’s representatives at the latter facilities in Salamanca for holding a Liaison Bureau between the regulator and the company. Yesterday Monday they visited the Facility at Saelices el Chico, in Ciudad Rodrigo, where the technician in charge of the site, Mr. Javier Ruiz, showed to the Council’s Members the restoration and surveillance works which are being carried out at the former mining facilities. This is one of the biggest environmental restoration project ever carried out in Spain and one of the most important in the European Union, with an envisaged budget of 150 M€. The visit was completed this morning at the factory of nuclear fuels which ENUSA has in Juzbado. During the visit, ENUSA’s Chairman, Mr. José Luis González, and the factory’s manager, Mr. Javier Montes, made a presentation about the Company and showed the facilities to the delegates. The Juzbado factory exported last year more than 70% of its production to nuclear power plants in Europe. This is the first time that Ms. Narbona pays a visit to ENUSA’s facilities, and both she and her companions showed a keen interest on having a firsthand knowledge about ENUSA’s activity, showing their satisfaction with what they had...

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Training Visit of Madrid Professors to the Juzbado Factory

A group of secondary school teachers from the Autonomous Region of Madrid visited the Juzbado fuel assembly factory last week to take part in the Fuel Cycle Course organized by Nuclear Forum. Throughout the day, they learned about the manufacturing process – both the ceramics area where the uranium pellets are made, and the Mechanical area where the PWR and BWR fuel assemblies are put together. For the last part of the visit, they were taken on a tour outside the plant so they could learn about the most relevant aspects of ENUSA’s Environmental Management...

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The Technological Emergency Response Team of the Ministry of Defense has a training exercise in the Juzbado Factory

The practical training was organized in the framework of a series of educational visits to other nuclear facilities and plants in Spain. For the practical exercise, a vehicle and person decontamination station was set up, and the other resources used included an automatic robot to search for radioactive sources. Tuesday, the Specialized Unit for Technological and Environmental Emergencies (GIETMA), which belongs to the Ministry of Defense Military Emergency Unit (UME), visited the Juzbado factory for an intense training session that lasted all day. The purpose of this event, which was organized as part of a series of visits to Spanish nuclear plants and facilities, has been to train this unit for a possible support intervention at nuclear sites, which includes the ENUSA plant in Juzbado . Theoretical training in plant characteristics and practical exercise searching for radioactive sources The first part of the day focused on theoretical training in factory characteristics and risks related to criticality, radiological protection and safety in the transport of fissionable material, irradiated fuel and radioactive sources. This part was completed with a tour of the facility. Later there was a series of practical exercises, which consisted of searching for radioactive sources in the plant using manual detection systems and an automatic robot. The necessary materials and means were deployed to conduct these exercises, including a decontamination station for both vehicles and people. This station has a capacity of up to 400 people an hour. Both the ENUSA personnel and the Technological Emergency Response Team were very satisfied with this...

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A delegation of the Senate Industry Committee visits the ENUSA factory

This morning, a delegation of the Senate Committee for Industry, Energy and Tourism visited the Juzbado fuel factory. This delegation was headed by the committee chairman, José Muñoz Martin. The president of ENUSA, José Luis Gonzalez, and the plant Director, Javier Montes, accompanied the group on a tour which explained the most relevant aspects of the state-run company and its business. The group also visited the manufacturing areas to learn about the process used by ENUSA to manufacture the fuel it supplies to Spanish and European power plants....

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