ENUSA hosts the 29th Meeting of the Ceiden Technology Platform Management Board

On Thursday the 16th, the Management Board of the CEIDEN Technology Platform held its 29th Meeting in the nuclear fuel factory that ENUSA INDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS, S.A. has in Juzbado (Salamanca).

In 1999, the Ministry of Industry and Energy created the Strategic Nuclear R&D Committee (CEIDEN) in order to promote and coordinate collaboration initiatives for research and development programs in the Spanish nuclear sector. In 2007, this Committee founded the Nuclear Fission Energy Technology Platform (P.T. CEIDEN).

Since then, the PT CEIDEN has become a point of reference for the Spanish nuclear industry as a whole, where a common strategy is established in order to take advantage of the multiple available capabilities, implement new cooperation projects and achieve effective communication with national and European institutions in the area of R&D&I. Its executive body – the Management Board – is chaired by Rosario Velasco, vice president of the CSN, and it also has representatives from several ministries and universities, electric utilities, CIEMAT, ENSA, ENRESA, nuclear sector engineering firms, Tecnatom and ENUSA.

To date many notable projects have been undertaken that cover broad fields of interest to the nuclear sector, including the following: spent fuel management, useful life management of reactor materials, new nuclear projects, educational, training and knowledge management capabilities, capabilities in R&D facilities, and simulation capacities.

ENUSA has collaborated with the CEIDEN since it was founded as one of the most active members. It has headed some of the initiatives and participated in most of the projects. On several occasions it has hosted the Management Board meeting in its Madrid offices, and on this occasion in Salamanca in order to offer the opportunity to visit and learn about the installations of the nuclear fuel factory.

Representatives of CSN, CIEMAT, ENDESA, Gas Natural Fenosa, ENRESA, ENSA, GNF Ingeniería, MINETUR, Tecnalia, UPM and UPNA were present for the visit to the Juzbado facility, in which they showed great interest and acknowledged the technological capabilities of ENUSA.

ENUSA hosts the 29th Meeting of the Ceiden Technology Platform Management Board